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Grog present “Savagery” from new album “Ablutionary Rituals”

Filipe Gomes 14/03/2017 News Comments Off on Grog present “Savagery” from new album “Ablutionary Rituals”
Grog present “Savagery” from new album “Ablutionary Rituals”

The countdown has begun for the new grind work from GROG to see the light of day.

Grog is dropping their upcoming nuke very soon. In the mean time, after “Cardiaxe” has been shown here’s the second advanced song for “Ablutionary Rituals”. Ladies and gents hold your breath to this “Savagery”.

“Ablutionary Rituals” is scheduled to be released on March 20th in digipak CD format, limited to 1000 copies. It will come out via Murder Records with official distribution by HELLDProd Records. More info below.

Considering normal situations after 25 years of existence any band is most likely to show normal signs of its own decadence…so they say…
But here the truth exceeds these dogmas and this doesn’t apply to GROG.

Releasing their 4th length their capability to create and play above their uttermost limits reaches another level and that’s not the expected standard for these cases. ABLUTIONARY RITUALS is not only the natural evolution from the acclaimed SCOOPING THE CRANIAL INSIDES but also takes the band to a new extent of musical madness. The songs pulverize instantly your perceptions but still they carve their brutality in a very sensitive way. It’s like being peeled and refreshed at the same time. The easiest path is to hear this as the common brutal death grind pathological inferno but as soon as you connect your senses to the songs structures you will find yourself in a rather complex and twisted dimension were fiction meets reality. Here the rules are meaningless, the human condition serves the infinite and ABLUTIONARY RITUALS reflects all this.

So better than describe their opus or to fall in temptation and compare it to the other previous band releases our advice to you is dare yourself, be audacious, submit yourself to these 40 minutes of this unique experience and at the end if you survive you will feel blessed for taking part of this sonic cleansing!

Pre order prices (until 19th of March):
CD = 8.00 € + Shipping Costs
Price (after 20th of March)
CD = 10,00 € + Shipping Costs



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