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Report: XXXapada na Tromba, Freak n’Grind Fest @ RCA Club – Day 2

Rita Limede 29/01/2016 Festivals, Reports Comments Off on Report: XXXapada na Tromba, Freak n’Grind Fest @ RCA Club – Day 2
Report: XXXapada na Tromba, Freak n’Grind Fest @ RCA Club – Day 2

The second  day of party started with the Portuguese band Extreme Retaliation, now based in Braga, opened the afternoon with a nice gig. The drummer had a great performance, and the sound was very consistent as well.

Condylomata Acuminata from Austria brought their party grind to the pit with band members coming of the stage to interact with the crowd, and also inviting the crowd to go on stage, which was the higher moment of the act as well as the song “Fetus Eating Vagina”.

Rato Raro from Spain followed with just a singer, a guitar and a drum. The trio delivered a bizarregrind punk act, always trying to bring the best from the crowd, showing in the festival their latest album “Moleculeccosedelia”.

Slamming their way through, Analepsy, one of the most promising Portuguese acts, delivered a concert with a lot of headbanging and moshpit moments, very energetic brutal death, with the confidence of a band who knows how to kill on stage. Apart of songs that grinders already know from the last EP “Dehumanization by Supremacy”, they played 2 new songs: “Apocalyptic Premonition” and “Eons in Vacuum”.

Bleeding Display playing in their hometown Lisboa, showed the audience why they are one of the best Portuguese live acts, with an axe in hand, playing death metal like true masters, adding also some dancers on stage, and the participation in one of the songs of Inês from Burn Damage on vocals. Most of the songs played are from the latest album “Deviance”.

After the dinner break, Clitgore from Romania opened the final night of the festival with their porn gore grind, always with the frontman Calin showing a very good mood, and delivering a great show within the band. They played some songs like “The Final Cuntdown”, “Your Smile Looks Better On My Cock”, and in tribute to Lividity they played a cover of “Pussy Lover”, with the Lividity guitar player enjoying himself in the moshpit.

The party continued with the half-naked French Gronibard bringing one more dose of party grind, “bacalhau”, strippers on stage, the participation of Alessio from Guineapig in one of the songs, and a lot of moshpit in the crowd. Definitely one of bands that the audience loved the most, and one of the more intense acts of the festival with songs like “Antricrust Superstar”, “WoufWouf”, and “Cripple Bitch”.

Then followed Raw Decimating Brutality (R.D.B.) with their grind / brutal death presenting most of the songs has adventures of a bricklayer on constructing buildings or about killing Visigoths. All in a funny way of course. They delivered a very good show, playing songs like “Limpei o Cu a um Saco de Cimento”, “A Palete Passou-me á ‘Rasar”, and “Napalm Na Obra”.One of the best gigs of the festival, with the frontman Daniel always interacting with the crowd.

Fast, loud, intense and aggressive: that’s how it was the show of Rotten Sound, which seemed so short, although the Finnish band played 21 songs, which among them were 3 new songs that will come on the new album in March “Abuse to Suffer”, which were “Lazy Asses”, “Inhumane Treatment”, and “Brainwashed”. A great return after almost 4 years, interacting with the audience when it was possible.

To end another amazing edition of the festival, nothing more than the mighty Serrabulho, one of the best happy grind bands and best Portuguese live acts, who putted up a great show always interacting with the audience, and they responded making huge circle pits. There was also people were getting on stage with members of other bands also, wrapped pillows, costumes, strippers,etc. And everything finished with a techno party.

This event was obviously a huge win for the organizers and for the fans as well. Great atmosphere involving crowd and bands, in a unique spirit: to party and grind the place down. We all hope for more of this, and most of the fans were outside already thinking in the Xxxapada na Tromba Open Air.

Report: Day 1

Words by: Daniel Lemminkäinen

Photos by: Marta Serrano and Rita Limede

Special Thanks to: Sérgio Páscoa and the XXXAPADA Team



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