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Atrox unravels details of upcoming album “Monocle”

Elsa Marques 20/06/2017 News Comments Off on Atrox unravels details of upcoming album “Monocle”
Atrox unravels details of upcoming album “Monocle”

Atrox revealed the details of their upcoming 6th full-length album. “Monocle” is to be released on September 8th, 2017 via their label Dark Essence Records

After an extensive hiatus of 9 years, the Norwegian experimental metallers Atrox are finally back to release their 6th album. The information disclosed by the label about “Monocle” claims the album still provides a mixture of modern progressive, experimental and industrial metal, but with a much darker approach than their previous works.

Atrox have always stood up for delivering something original and maybe unexpected within the metal scene. The band tracks back to 1990, formed in Trondheim from the ashes of the death metal band Suffocation. They could at that time easily be labeled as a melodic doom metal band. After their debut album in 1997, “Mesmerised”, the band underwent a metamorphosis period. They came back in 2000, for their following release “Contentum”, with new band members and a totally renovated sound. As in many other bands, over their career, members were changed and the music style have been progressing after each release.

“Monocle”, following their 2008’s release “Binocular”, they have fine tuned their highly progressive, experimental and industrial sound, and are prove to be back in strength.

“Monocle” shows a darker side of the band, with more epic and atmospheric elements than in previous releases. Simultaneously you will find in this album some extremely catchy and upbeat sections throughout the album. When put together, these elements are responsible for cementing the unique and special sound Atrox provides.

It’s safe to say they have again further progressed, building on the rich musical legacy of the band since the early years of the band career.


Dark Essence Records)

1. Mass
2. Vacuum
3. Heat
4. Finger
5. Suicide Days
6. For We Are Many
7. Movie
8. Target




Atrox are:

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