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Report: BARONESS + CORREIA @ Paradise Garage, Lisbon

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Report: BARONESS + CORREIA @ Paradise Garage, Lisbon

The line was quite long when we first approached Paradise Garage and it was easy to confirm what we already suspected: inside, a jam-packed venue would be waiting for the long awaited Baroness.

But before them, we had CORREIA and their psych-infused rock. It was only their second time on stage but don’t let that fact trick into thinking they are new to the business. Poli and Mike Correia have a great deal of experience to their name, being part of renown projects such as Sam Alone, Men Eater and More Than a Thousand. Their presence and tunes made an immediate connection with the audience, who surrendered to the intense and heart-felt way their music was played. It was visible that this project is close to their hearts and brings together influences and experiences they’ve shared through their lives.

After what felt like a somewhat big intermission, BARONESS and their “Kerosen” were lighting the stage. From the first notes and first words, the audience sang along, something that we don’t get to see every day now. It was as if the whole concert was a true combined effort between the band and their audience, what made up for a great night for everyone there.

Frontman John Baizley has an intense stage presence, singing is heart out through the evening, and at the same time, letting out huge smiles here and there. His charisma, combined with the rest of the band, is probably on of the causes of the bond between band and audience everyone could feel that evening. A notable mention to Nick Jost and his flawless bass lines and technique – it was almost hypnotizing to see this gentleman kick ass on the bass guitar!

“Purple” was the motto for this tour and as such, all songs present in the album were played. “Yellow & Green” played a big part in the show too, with songs such as “March to The Sea” or the great “Eula” to (supposedly) close the show. When the band tried to say goodbye, the screams and calls for an encore were deafening. With “Isak” and “Take My Bones Away” being sang by everyone even higher than the rest if the songs, this is what you could call finishing the gig at a definite high.

Word & Photos: Joana Martins

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