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BETHLEHEM line-up changes

Lucifer 01/04/2014 News Comments Off on BETHLEHEM line-up changes
BETHLEHEM line-up changes

Black doomsters BETHLEHEM as recently announced that two of their members are quitting the band. So, vocals Guido Meyer de Voltaire and guitar player Olaf Eckhardt have left, under the following comment from the band:

Bethlehem might need you!

Unfortunately some musicians have things going on in their personal lives making them unable to commit to Bethlehem’s schedule and we are therefore making some changes from August on.

Bethlehem is currently considering two new guitar players and a new shouter for live shows, touring & new studio albums. If you would like to audition for this, you need to have the following qualifications:

Guitars: Skills on an international level, touring experience, ability to attend rehearsals on a weekly basis and good social skills. You MUST be a Bethlehem fan. The band is not looking for players in general. This is a lifestyle, more than a job. If you exclusively wanna do it for the money Bethlehem is the wrong band for you !! It is not possible to play the music of Bethlehem without feeling it, or responding to the demands of the band without really wanting to be a part of this.

Vocals: The same qualifications as for guitars + the aim pogressing & experimenting with your very own “instrument” as well. If you’re just a shouter, good, but you should have the technical know how & the abiltiy singing accent free German lyrics.

In the future Bethlehem again will concentrate on these early reflections known as “Dark Metal” cos this experimental studio trilogy based on clean vocals & non-metal guitar harmonies have found an end with the actual album which will get released later in the year. Therefore Bethlehem will become a Heavy Metal band again mixed with these pretty unique & personal interpretations which already made us special in the past.

Please send a video of yourself playing/singing not only your own select Bethlehem songs, but anything you think is representative of your level as a player. It does not have to be technical, it might as well be something representative of your ability to interprete music. Should the band want to pursue, you will be invited to an audition in Duisburg/Germany.

Send your video and some words about yourself to:

As for Guido de Voltaire, some comments were also added:

Well Bethlehem Fans,

I think the same goes for me.

I know I have been a pain in the ass for some members of the old school Bethlehem front, but I had to make my vocal interpretations for this special music without any compromises in whatever direction.

It was fantastic to write and sing all those melody lines over Olaf’s extraordinary web of guitar work and arrange them with the guys.

It has been an honor for me to vocalize three of the Bethlehem albums. The upcoming beeing the third and definately the last.

The reasons are not important. What remains is the music.

Metal forever.


(taking from Bethlehem Facebook page)


With all this, the German band still plans to go for a new record till the end of the year.



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