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Burzum New Album to be released in May

Rita Limede 22/01/2012 News Comments Off on Burzum New Album to be released in May

The one man project from Norway, is going to release a new album in May via Byelobog Productions. The new album is entitled Umskiptar and all it’s lyrics are taken from a norse poem called Völuspá.

Varg Vikernes posted the following in Burzum’s oficial site: “Burzum persists. A new Burzum album, titled “Umskiptar” (Metamorphoses), is scheduled for release in May 2012 on Byelobog Productions. “Umskiptar” consists of 65 minutes of skaldic metal, recorded in Grieghallen Studio in Bergen in September 2011.

The artwork and track list of the new album was also anounced:


01. Blóðstokkinn (Soaked in Blood) (1:16)
02. Jóln (Deities) (5:51)
03. Alfadanz (Elven Dance) (9:22)
04. Hit helga Tré (The sacred Tree) (6:51)
05. Æra (Honour) (3:58)
06. Heiðr (Esteem) (3:02)
07. Valgaldr (Song of the Fallen) (8:03)
08. Galgviðr (Gallow Forest) (7:16)
09. Surtr Sunnan (Black from the South) (4:14)
10. Gullaldr (Golden Age) (10:20)
11. Níðhöggr (Attack from Below) (5:00)



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