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Copenhell 2018 – Day 3

Rita Limede 19/08/2018 Festivals, Reports Comments Off on Copenhell 2018 – Day 3
Copenhell 2018 – Day 3

It was time for the last day of this year’s edition of Copenhell. In all with as a successful event, that will be back next year for it’s 10th edition.

Day 3

The final day of this year’s edition of Copenhell started with a lot of spandex and colors – the first big band playing on this day was the mighty Steel Panther. These insane guys were running around, pushing dirty jokes and dissing each other on stage, sadly this was the best part of their performance. Musically speaking they were a bit beyond one might expect, especially taking into account all their live videos on youtube. I was a bit disappointed since I expected way more from this band other than flair of theatrical and colours.

Suffocation was next in my plans for the day, instead of Kellermensch on the main stage. This has proven to be the wisest choice. The band entered the stage with an energy kick – a huge contrast with what I saw before. Terrance Hobbs, the band’s mentor, was as good as always, shredding the guitar in full force. This new formation of the band, has the amazing Eric Morotti behind the drums! The vocalist Ricky Myers has provided a very intense set without any bullshit between the songs. All in all it was loud and brutal – as it should be – which proves that they are in great shape. It was probably the best concert of Saturday, and definitely better choice than Kellermensch gig.  

After powerful injection of death metal, Copenhell took us back in time to the 80’s with the shock rock from W.A.S.P.! The only founding member of the band – Blackie Lawless – is still in shape and ready to rock (maybe not as much as one might expect, but still) and presented very nice set list mostly based on their classic songs including the “The Idol”or “Wild Child”. They closed their short – and sweet – set with “I Wanna Be Somebody”. Blackie was hiding behind mirrored sunglasses, he did his job as an entertainer, while supported with the band members, including talented Doug Blair on the guitar. In all, it was a great show, and the audience was pleased with it. Most of the gathered fans left with a great feeling afterwards.

Corrosion Of Conformity was ready shortly after W.A.S.P. finished their gig on the stage to the right. I was expecting a lot more from this show after the release of ‘No Cross No Crown’ earlier this year. Fortunately, I was not disappointed – the band performed really well and presented an eight songs set full of distorted guitars and heaviness, characteristic for stoner metal. They were lead by Woody Weatherman – the only band member present in the lineup since 1982 – and played very loud and energetic concert from start to finish. Despite them not being a young group, this was sounded fresh and inspired. I am not sure if this was the type of music expected by fans gathered in front of Hades stage, but for me – I can only applaud the Copenhell booking team for this bold and wining choice.

Helloween was another big name in the Saturdays lineup. This classic German power metal machine took over main stage in all its glory.  With Michael Kiske back as a vocalist set and some tracks were divided between him and Andi Deris. Michael Weikath also took his turn with singing. A lot of colourful guitars, a strong musical part and a lot of commotion on the stage would be the best summary of this show – just like one might expect. Definitely all the fans of the band – there were plenty of them gathered in front of the main stage – got what they came for. It was an amazing heavy metal show, which reminds us that some bands became classics for a reason.

After Hellowen finished the set on the main stage, second stage was already prepared for Alestorm – pirate metal. That’s why I have moved to the small stage to see a proper black metal performance. It was time for Satyricon. This was the first concert after sunset, with atmospheric lights, characteristic microphone stand and amazing Frost hidden behind the percussion – it was all what we could expect from Satyricon. They started with new material “Midnight Serpent” and “Our World, It Rumbles Tonight”, which were followed by older songs like ‘Mother North’ or the last in the set ‘K.I.N.G.’. Satyr and company managed to keep a good, black atmosphere and deliver an excellent show. It was a nice change of atmosphere, and different from what we saw for most of the time during this year’s Copenhell.

The star of the evening and the band which has closed the main stage of Copenhell 2018 was the mighty Ghost. Tobias Forge this time hidden behind character of Cardinal Copia in the assist of nameless ghouls pulled a hell of the show. There was a nice spectacle to watch and to listen to, with a lot of theatricals in all it’s glory. Despite one may argue that they are more of a pop/rock act that heavy metal, their performances are definitely first class. It was nice way to close this year’s edition of Copenhell on a high note.

In all, this last day was really entertaining, with the plus of having a great diversified music styles within the rock/metal spectrum. I believe that everyone who wanted to move between the stages could find something interesting to watch. Now the year-long wait  for Copenhell 2019 begins.  It will be their 10th edition, so all the fans are expecting to get something special from the next page in the festival history. See you all again next year!

Text and photos by: Kasper Pasinski

Special thanks to the organization of Copenhell 





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