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Death Metal band Obvurt plays show at Elementary School

Filipe Gomes 26/06/2021 News Comments Off on Death Metal band Obvurt plays show at Elementary School
Death Metal band Obvurt plays show at Elementary School

Quebecois-based death metal three-piece Obvurt have played a show at Saint-Albert-Le-Grand Elementary School, where the frontman Philippe Drouin teaches music. The guitar player had to relearn the guitar left-handed with legendary tutor Michael Angelo Batio after a car accident left him unable to use his right hand for picking.

«After being a victim of a car accident in late December 2016, I lost my picking as a right-handed guitar player for more than 15 years. After talking with Pat Martino in 2017, I bought my first left-handed guitar, and it begins there», he told Metal Sucks. «Since I made that choice, I tried to recover and practice a lot, trying to get my picking back on my right hand in 2018. I was playing both sides every day for a while. One day, I felt I was able to become left-handed, so I decided to leave everything behind and start over.»

Obvurt have recently released their debut EP The Beginning, which showcases Drouin’s newly acquired left-handed skills.

Watch the 24-minute performance below:

Obvurt’s Philippe Drouin, the death-metal guitarist who relearned the instrument left-handed after a car accident robbed him of his picking ability, has announced his new endorsements by Sawtooth Guitars, Sawtooth Amps, ChromaCast Accessories and GoDps.

The frontman for the Quebecois-based death metal three-piece Obvurt spent three long years relearning the guitar from the ground up and, with the help of legendary tutor Michael Angelo Batio, continued his passion for playing the guitar.

«I’m very delighted to announce that from today on I’m part of Sawtooth Guitars, Sawtooth Amps, ChromaCast accessories and GoDps. I couldn’t expect a better endorsement», says Drouin. «I’m grateful to Sawtooth and ChromaCast for their trust and support, and for having me very well equipped», the guitarist adds. «I am using a Sawtooth Americana ST-M24 Satin White left-handed and the Sawtooth Americana ST-M24 Satin Black left-handed. They look and sound amazing! I am now fully equipped to complete the writing of Obvurt’s debut album with Sawtooth Guitars and ChromaCast Accessories

The musician also stated that videos and playthroughs are coming soon.



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