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Diablo Swing Orchestra shares details of upcoming album

Elsa Marques 19/10/2017 News Comments Off on Diablo Swing Orchestra shares details of upcoming album
Diablo Swing Orchestra shares details of upcoming album

Swedish avant-metallers, Diablo Swing Orchestra shares details from their long-awaited upcoming album entitled “PACIFISTICUFFS”

Diablo Swing Orchestra is notoriously hard band to pigeon-hole into a musical genre. Although comfortable nestled in the rock and metal worlds, they also incorporate elements of jazz, prog and even classical music. This healthy mix of genres spiced up with a theatrical sparkle, provides this band their flair.

The band suffered some lineup changes after the release of their last album, Pandora’s Piñata, in 2012. The lead vocalist Annlouice Lögdlund has been replaced by Kristin Evegård. It’s said that Evegård wasted no time integrating into the band, and along with an all-round more democratic process, added her lyrical and composition skills into the mix for this upcoming release

The official press release by Spinefarm Records comments on “Pacifisticuffs” as follow:

The core style and approach of the band remains recognisable, but the band have turned their sights outwards rather than inwards. Less introspective than previous releases, Pacifisticuffs offers an expression of life’s highs and lows – and everything in between – all delivered with that recognisable DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA touch of technicolour.

Diablo Swing Orchestra

(Spinefarm Records)

1. Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love)
2. The Age Of Vulture Culture
3. Superhero Jagganath
4.Vision Of The Purblind
5. Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker
6. Jigsaw Hustle
7. Pulse Of The Incipient
8. Ode To The Innocent
9. Interruption
10. Cul-De-Sac Semantics
11. Karma Bonfire
12. Climbing The Eyeball
13. Porch Of Perception

The album release date is set for the 8th of December, 2017 via Candlelight/Spinefarm Records. Pre-order information will be available in the following weeks.

Diablo Swing Orchestra are:

Andy Johansson Bass (2003-present)
Johannes Bergion Cello (2003-present)
Pontus Mantefors Guitars, Keyboards (2003-present)
Daniel Håkansson Guitars, Vocals (2003-present)
Daniel Hedin Trombone (2011-present)
Martin Isaksson Trumpet (2011-present)
Kristin Evegård Vocals, Piano (2014-present)

About Diablo Swing Orchestra:

Homepage / Facebook / Twitter 



Text by Elsa Marques
Managing Editor: Elsa Marques / Rita Limede



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