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Foredoomed released a new single

Elsa Marques 05/03/2019 News Comments Off on Foredoomed released a new single
Foredoomed released a new single

Finnish melodeath band Foredoomed released a single called ‘Worldfire’ from their upcoming second album.

The band combines heavier death metal to more delicate segments, where the keyboards and large melodies create the band unique style. The Worldfire single tells a deep story which can be compared to the story of Icarus.

Foredoomed makes the upcoming album like they’ve used to – at home. This is to show that dreams can be chased even on a small budget, and thus the band tries to primarily do everything by themselves. The band members are able to do all of the audio recording as well as editing videos and images. But occasionally, for example with band photo shoot, some help was received from friends. Small band’s budget is limited so the money must be invested with consideration.

“For vocal recording we created a booth from extra PVC-pipes, cable ties, and blankets. We named it the ‘Bermuda Triangle’”, band’s frontman Atte says.

All instruments and vocals will be recorded at home without any expensive studios. They claim that modern technology offers great opportunities for making music and one just has to spend time learning things. As a result of years of persistent work, the singer-guitarist Atte mixes the songs in order to create the band’s very own sound.

But the band doesn’t do everything by themselves and they comment:

“Mastering is one area where we rely on someone outside of the band. In Worldfire’s case we turned to Mika Jussila’s solid experience, and we are very pleased with the results”, bassist Eetu tells.

About Foredoomed:

Band Lineup:
Atte Kymäläinen – Vocals & Guitars
Asmo Jurvanen – Guitars
Eetu Kovapohja – Bass
Jere Jolkkonen – Drums


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