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GORGOROTH finish recording new album

Lucifer 04/01/2014 News Comments Off on GORGOROTH finish recording new album
GORGOROTH finish recording new album

Norwegian band GORGOROTH has announced that all the recordings concerning their eight track new album entitled “Instinctus Bestialis” were completed in December 2013, and that the mixing of Instinctus Bestialis will start this month.

he recording lineup was; Atterigner (vocals), Infernus (guitars), Bøddel (bass) and Asklund (drums). Pest was the vocalist on Gorgoroth’s two previous releases, Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt from 2009 and the re-recording of the 1997 classic Under the Sign of Hell in 2011, but he was kicked out of the band prior to the Latin American tour in 2012.

Gorgoroth will also do a long headliner tour through Europe in March/April, organized by Massive Music, but the details on that are yet to be revealed.

Source: Norskmetal.net



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