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Hexed released “Exhaling Life” EP

Elsa Marques 05/04/2017 News Comments Off on Hexed released “Exhaling Life” EP
Hexed released “Exhaling Life” EP

The three released singles from the upcoming full-length album “Netherworld”, form the content of the EP “Exhaling Life”, digitally released on all major platforms on the past March 31st.

Hexed is a new Melodic Metal Band from Uppsala (Sweden). They were formed in the winter of 2015 by Tina Gunnarsson (vocals) and Stellan Gunnarsson (Guitars, Vocals, Keys). Their goal was to create a brand new band with an individual sound and high-quality female vocals. Songs began to be produced and the concept quickly developed into the solid project called Hexed. Daniel Håkansson (Bass) and Teddy Möller (Drums) were chosen to join Hexed and completed the band lineup.

Their first single and lyric-video “Dreams” was released early in the spring of 2016:

The second single “Exhaling Life”, also the first and tittle track from the EP, was released on the 3rd of March 2017. “Exhaling Life” includes the special participation of Thomas Vikström (Therion), featuring in the video and vocals guest. Video was produced by Magnus Ewald who’s work can be seen in videos from bands like Firespawn, Crucified Barbara, Entombed A.D, Liv Sin.

Even thought it was our weekly featured video few weeks ago, you can re-check “Exhaling Life” here:

Hexed premiered on March 31 the third single “Lightyears” from the already release EP “Exhaling Life” and from the upcoming full-length album “Netherworld”.

They decided to released this 3-track EP (March 31) previously to the full-length album “Netherworld”. The latter one is planned to be released Summer 2017 and it will contain 10 songs. Two special participations as guest singers were confirmed, being Thomas Vikström (Therion) already unraveled in the “Exhaling Life” single.
Mattias Norén at Prog Art Media is in charge for the amazing album cover-art. His work can be recognised from previous album covers from artists like Epica, Evergrey, Kamelot, Sabaton, John Petrucci and Circus Maximus.


“Exhaling Life” EP

1. Exhaling Life 4:53
2. Lightyears 4:24
3. Forsaken 4:19




Hexed are:

Tina Gunnarsson – Vocals
Stellan Gunnarsson – Guitars / Vocals / Keys
Daniel Håkansson – Bass
Teddy Möller – Drums


You can follow Hexed on Facebook / Webpage / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube



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