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IMMORTAL are working in a new album without Abbath

Filipe Gomes 03/09/2015 News Comments Off on IMMORTAL are working in a new album without Abbath
IMMORTAL are working in a new album without Abbath

Blabbermouth has recently announced that Immortal will continue without Abbath.

Lyricist/guitarist Demonaz Doom Occulta revealed some song titles (“Northern Chaos Gods”, “Called To Ice” and “Blacker Of Worlds”) that will appear in the next album which should be released by Nuclear Blast.

Demonaz and Horgh said in a statement:

“IMMORTAL never stopped. We just had to go through a long legal process before we could go out in the media with the news. IMMORTAL is much more than just a band, and much more than just a form of music. The departure of one member cannot change that, no matter. We will continue what we believe in, and the power of ‘Blashyrkh’ shall live on.”

Abbath told Metal Hammer magazine (UK):

“I didn’t want to go solo in the first place. I wanted the best for IMMORTAL. I didn’t want it to end this way. First of all, I just wanted my music out. I wanted to record the [next] album [because] it’s been so many years since “All Shall Fall”. And both Demonaz and Horgh, they have kids and families now, and it just hit that point where I couldn’t work the way they wanted to work any more. I wanted things on my terms and they wanted things on their terms, and it was very difficult.
I wanted to rehearse at least three times a week, but often it was only once a week and things went so slow. I sat there with all this material, I kept the rehearsal space and recorded the stuff on click track, but it was a very strained atmosphere and the Last time we worked together was in early June last year.


When asked if his departure from the band could be avoided, Abbath responded:

“I was forced to do it this way. I wanted IMMORTAL to continue, but not the way it was. The dialogue has not been there and it’s also my mistake. I should have brought up this shit a long time ago, but IMMORTAL, after Demonaz’s problems with his arms, it never became a band after that.
IMMORTAL is a very special situation. [Demonaz] hasn’t been in the band, but then I always wanted to do the best for everybody, to have the band spirit, and that’s why when we decided to start IMMORTAL again, we tried to get the spirit back, and bring him on tour, and just share our thing and be a band and have a kick-ass time. But it never worked out. The chemistry wasn’t there with the IMMORTAL guys and hadn’t been for a while.

I believe in my music and I believe in my expression, but time flies and we grow apart. Maybe in the future we can go back again, I don’t know, but right now I just want to do my thing and just be ABBATH and have people around me who support that.”

Abbath has recruted bassist King Ov Hell (ex-Gorgoroth), guitarist Per Valla (Vredehammer) and amazing drummer Baard Kolstad (Leprous / Borknagar) to join the rankings of his band.




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