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Interview – BLACK RAINBOWS: Italian hypnosis

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Interview – BLACK RAINBOWS: Italian hypnosis

With a brand new record out this year, the BLACK RAINBOWS jumped to the spotlights of the psych/stoner scene after ten years of career. We met them during last Reverence Festival and took the chance for a pleasant chat with Marco, Alberto and Gabriele.

TBP – Hey guys. You’ve been performing live since March. After several months touring Europe do you still feel the Force to hit Portugal hardly?

BR – Yes, in one festival like this I meet all the people from the World Tour, so you just get one shot to give them what they expect.

“Hawkdope” your fourth full length is out since march and it’s the reason why you’ve been travelling this much. Having stepped into dozens of stages, in different countries how would you classify Europe’s reaction to your latest album?

Very good. We’ve been invited to many summer festivals. Every concert was very good and the audience at the venues kept increasing since the beginning.  Touring since March, but not exactly without stopping. But since March till September we did a lot of shows. Plus, in October we’ll be touring again, namely in the North of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

So you’ll be touring Greece. You’ve played there before right? Did you noticed any special austerity in the nightlife and live shows? Do you expect something “different” for you’re next trip? Or did someone alerted you for some special constraints?

Well, there has been a lot of buzz about that question. We’ve noticed some opinions about the issue, as we also have some friends back there. But when they talk about poorness  you may have to put the question differently. For instance, maybe the USA has a lot of poor, but otherwise, in European big cities maybe you won’t notice that poverty instantaneously.  So no, for now we haven’t faced any constraints regarding the Greek tour. But less see.

Did you know that Hakwind was last year’s main headliner here at Reverence Festival? That should probably grant you guys some heavy audience at your show?

Yes, yes.  Last year we saw the band announcements of the first edition of the festival and it was huge as first edition. So off, course, we’ve seen Hawkwind confirmed as well. So yes, we hope that their performance last year can grant us a larger audience for our concert here.

After the great reaction to the previous “Holy Moon” did you somewhat felt more nervous when preparing this new album? I mean, the bar was raised so high that the expectations were very high?

Well, to be honest, we didn’t felt that major hype. But yes, we worked a lot for this new album. “Holy Moon” made part of the new stuff we’re writing at the time. And we used to work on different stuff at the time. Sometimes more stoner rock oriented; some other times more psychedelic stuff. All the time we try to find the best solutions, because we want to improve all the time. In the end, that’s the aim of the band.

Two years have passed between those to records and when listening properly to both of them one might say that in “Hawkdope” the “Hawkind” references feel less present. Perhaps some more psych and outlaw moments appear than before. This was something you planned to follow this direction on purpose or it was just the result of your mad creation?

Well yes, as you say, it feels more psychedelic indeed. Maybe also because we recorded all together for the first time, all in one room. Like a live session during 3 or four days. And from the almost 20 songs or so that we’ve recorded we’ve chose the material where the three of us sounded better as a whole. So yes, maybe this somehow turned out to influence the final outcome.

Returning to the  festivals issue, you’ve played this year in several ones. Any particular place with a striking experience?

Gazwerk in Winterthur, Switzerland, it’s inside a huge building and with very nice people. It’s one of our favorite places. We also played in a very nice summer festival in Austria. And is Paris, last time at Glazart. We’ve played many times in Paris, and so we have many friends there, and they came to see us, and that turned the concert into a very intense one for us. But when touring you can be surprised. For instance in Leipzig we played Tuesday night, so we didn’t expect a big audience. But the venue turned out to be really packed, with a very participative audience. Sometimes you get surprised. Back to the last Paris concert, it was also in the middle of the week, and we got like 300 people for the 10th anniversary of “Stoned Gatherings”. We’ve also played Helsinki for the first time. We didn’t know what to expect and it was also very good.

“Hawkdope” has nine tracks, but we will only hit you with eight questions, the last one being the usual about your last words for your fans and our readers?

We expect to come next year for some shows, because we’ve been told that we have some followers here. So try to keep updated with Black Rainbows in the near future.

We hope this interview can contribute to increase the expectations after one fine gig at last Reverence festival.

Live photos courtesy of Reverence Festival and João Ribeiro.



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