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Interview: Blizzen

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Interview: Blizzen

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You were formed in 2014. In 2015 you released the EP “Time Machine” and this year you released a long play album entitled “Genesis Reversed”. How you see these 2 years of activity and your fast progression? Do you feel things happened too quickly?

No, things couldn’t go fast enough, hehe. We are happy with everything we had done and we hope that we can continue doing that for a long time! It is just great fun being on stage together!

You belong to a new movement called “New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal”. How do you see this return to the roots of heavy metal scene?

Great! Once more, this shows that this music genre is much more than music. It’s a passion and a life style and will never vanish. And of course we are happy to be a part of this scene. You can not only find this phenomenon in heavy metal, but also generally in the whole metal scene.

In Germany bands like Booze Control, Alpha Tiger, Stallion and you (and many more young bands with an old school sound and attitude) are growing and starting to have more and more revivalists fans. How do you see the German Heavy Metal panorama in the present as well as the metal scene in general?

As I said before, the metal scene is a strong family which is able to keep the spirit alive over decades and much longer. And I think, the engine of that is the steady flood of new bands that bring fresh wind to the scene. That makes it very interesting and it will never get boring because of that. Personally, what I love the most in the German heavy metal scene is the fact that everybody knows each other somehow.

Which bands influenced your sound?

Bands from different genres. U.F.O., Grand Funk Railroad, Queen, Judas Priest, Witchcross, Iron Maiden, Winterhawk and so on!

You played most of the time in Germany, in small concerts and also in bigger festivals like Metalheadz Open Air and Rude Open Air, but you had already played in Helsinki. What was the reaction of the public? Can you tell any differences between German and Finnish crowd?

We only had that one gig in Finland, so I think it is hard to determine some differences, but from that one show we can say that the biggest difference between the crowds definitely based on the fact, that the people weren’t allowed to drink in front of the stage. That made it a little strange in the beginning. But after some songs the crowd get bigger and bigger and it was awesome!

Do you have funny touring stories you would like to share?

Hehe, a lot, but I guess I’m not allowed to tell them!!

Still concerning touring, what are your plans for the future? Maybe an European tour?

Definitely! We want a European tour! But before we will tour Europe, I guess we will play a lot of shows! And yes also some small ones. We like that! Its much more intense !

In September you will open to Angel Witch, one of the most iconic bands in the Heavy Metal scene. Is it the realization of a dream, reaching the highest level, or just another step of the stairs that you are climbing?

We were lucky getting that slot! They selected us and we are so happy! We just looking forward to that show! Totally stoked playing with those guys!

As a band, what is Blizzen going to do next?

We are writing new shit! And playing shows!

Thank you very much for having an interview with The Black Planet!

Interview by: João Osório

Blizzen upcoming shows:

Sept 9th – Arnhem- Willemeen /Netherlands
Sept 10th – Kassel- K19 /Germany
Oct 8th – Chur- Palazzo /Switzerland (First time!!)
Oct 14th – Laubus-Eschbach- Harmonie-Halle /Germany
Oct 22nd – Wuppertal- Die Börse /Germany
Dec 9th – Andernach- JUZ /Germany
Dec 27th – Crailsheim- Ingersheim Sporthalle /Germany 

Blizzen “Trumpets of the Gods” from “Genesis Reversed” album:

Blizzen webpages links:




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