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Interview: BORKNAGAR

Daniel Lemminkainen 16/02/2016 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: BORKNAGAR
Interview: BORKNAGAR

We here at The Black Planet had the opportunity to interview Jens F. Ryland, guitar player of Borknagar, about the new album “Winter Thrice”, and some other curiosities.

TBP: Hi guys! First of all, thank you for having some time to answer to our questions. The band just released a new album “Winter Thrice”. Is there any concept behind it or the process was to just go with flow and see what happens in the end?

No and no! Somewhere in the middle I guess.

It’s like; Borknagar is a concept, so every album will be within the band sphere, although pushing the boarders. But it’s not a separate concept for every album. Neither is it a completely random process…

TBP: The album was mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. Any reason in particular behind it?

Well, Jens Bogren is a genius, and we learned that with the previous album URD. Winter Thrice is a result of that.

TBP: How are the impressions that you got so far after the album release?

 It’s being received very well it seems.

TBP: In the album appear three vocalists. It was something that was conscious doing like that or just happen as you were recording the songs?

 There are 5 vocalists on the album.

TBP: Do you guys have any favorite songs from this record that you specially like?

I don’t know what the other guys think, we have different taste in music… On my own side, I have to admit it changes, so there’s no clear answer to this.

TBP: The video “Winter Thrice” is absolutely amazing. Can you tell us how did the idea appeared to do a video like that?

I went to a festival outside Oslo named Midgardsblot and discovered this Gildhall at the museum grounds where we shot the video. About a month later we started talking about the video and I suggested this location. Turned out the museum management were metal fans, they gave us a warm welcome.

TBP: Is the any plans for touring this year in Europe or doing summer festivals?

There is already 5 festivals confirmed as I write this, European tour being announced one of the upcoming days.

TBP: The artwork of the albums, not only this one but others as well, is something that fascinated us ever since. Can you tell us from where you got such inspiration to do something that great?

I don’t! It’s made by Brazilian artist Marcelo Vasco.

TBP: After some changes in the past and looking at this lineup, do you think that this is the best formation the band ever had?

 I always believe the current lineup is the best, always have.

TBP: Last question and once again thank you for having some time for us, we appreciate it! Any last words for the Portuguese fans and The Black Planet readers?

 Stay metal

Interview by: Daniel Lemminkäinen

Special thanks to Borknagar and Century Media Records



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