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Melissa Poseyydon 18/12/2016 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: EROTIC PSYCHO

TBP – Hey guys, first of all we appreciate the fact that you guys have accepted this interview, it seems like coincidences have been a part of the life of Erotic Psycho, do you wanna talk about the formation of the band?

EP: It’s our pleasure! Well, Erotic Psycho started like all good stories start, in a venue, with bourbon and listening to music. Lokki, Jay and Nando met some night(lokki and jay had already met each other) and they talked about creating the most badass band. Time went on, and after some ups and downs in the line up, finally, these 3 fuckers with Frost at the drums formed the current line up. We could talk about the other people, but…who cares?

TBP – You’ve started in 2012, in 2013 you’ve launched your first demo and in the last year your first EP, you guys already have two official videoclips and you even have a song on the album Glamnation vol.6 a compilation released by the Canadian label Demon Doll, were you expecting such a fast rise?

EP: The truth is that it was like everything for us because we have fought so much over the past 3 years that it feels as it was a thousand years. Before releasing our first video we were already talking about the possibility of Demon Doll calling us and being part of their roaster. Well, we released the video, DemonDoll included the song on the compilation, we released the EP, we signed with DemonDoll…its cool but it was so hard too. I would lie to you if i´d told you it was a bed a roses.

TBP – You’re an example of a band that fought and struggled hard enough to get where you are today, all of you live far away and also experienced difficulties before the release of the first demo, do you want to talk a little bit about how it was and how did you overcame all the difficulties?

EP: We could be talking for years about all we have passed through, haha. Like so many other bands, I bet. I can start saying we are a poor band. When you have no money, you have no promotion, you can´t tour, you can´t even pay a rehearsal studio and you have to do it at home, playing unplugged..Some of us have been through hard times for the past few years, far away from the family, our home, our job…when people say “its just music, it is not worth it, your mental health is more important..”well, maybe they are right, but maybe they didn´t want something with all their heart. It´s easy to say when you have an easy life, or you have your job, your family and fight so strong for this, but when you have nothing but you know you have something special in your hands…it can take you to hell or to paradise. The shit is that you´ll never know if you never try it. I bet a lot of fellas that are reading these lines right now and are living the same they know so well what I´m talking about haha.

TBP – This year you were invited to perform on one of the biggest Metal festivals in Spain, how was the experience of playing in Leyendas Del Rock?

EP: SO FUCKING AMAZING! Just being on the poster, on the line up of one of these festivals is something really cool. Plus when you are a young band, when just a year ago you released your first EP and now, promoters from those great fests know about you and think you are at the level needed for being there, it just make you realize you are doing things well.

TBP- You have a very strong presence and you’ve already have fans that recognize you, how is it for you the relationship with the fans?

EP: We love them. And not just in the sexual context. We really love them. The best part of playing is going down the stage and meet people who tell how happy and horny they have felt because of your music…or people who tell you that they had spent a fucking shitty week and you made them smile…or when you are playing for a crowd, hundreds or just a few people, and they ask you for a song you removed from the set list or they sing along your songs…words cant describe it. Maybe people could think this is normal, but when you are giiving everything in your music, when you´re listening to people singing your songs…that´s magic.

TBP – Now about your EP “Sex You Up”, do you want to talk about its themes? Do you have a favorite song of your EP?

EP: The songs on this album are so important for us and we love them so much that it´s impossible to stand one of them out from the others. The strength in Psycho Mf, the erotism in Sex me Up, the toxic sleaziness in Abstinence Song, the emotional content in Back to You, and Rocking on the Wild Side… well…. that´s a fucking anthem!!

TBP – released your second official video “Sex Me Up”, what was your inspiration for the video?

EP: Obviously sex, sex and sex, hahaha. It´s a song that demanded this kind of clip, you know, hot girls, pole dancing, alcohol and sheer rowdy rock ´n´ roll.

TBP – Apart from Motley Crue, what are your influences?

EP: Jack Daniel´s and blow!! All mixed up with the best late 80s American sleazy rock.

TBP – Are you thinking to come to Portugal soon? What are your last words for your fans?

EP: We´re really looking forward to coming back to Portugal soon and sharing stage with our favorite motherfuckers over there, our bros in Affäire. We´ve been a couple of times playing in Portugal and we just loved it! The people is just so amazing and welcoming. Next time round we want every badass rocker in town to come join the Erotic Psycho live rocking party, so… stay tuned and BE PSYCHO!!!



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