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Interview: MOLLLUST – Opera Metal

Filipe Gomes 23/01/2016 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: MOLLLUST – Opera Metal
Interview: MOLLLUST – Opera Metal
  1. 1. Greetings! Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about your history.

We are molllust, we combine classical music with metal and love to play concerts! We connect both worlds also regarding the audience: F. e. we won the classical competition BachSpiele in 2012, we became M’era Luna Newcomer 2013 and we toured all over Europe with Orphaned Land this autumn!

2. In 2012 you released your first album and this year you released the second one. Apart from a few line-up changes, how you analyze these last three years?

We developed further and further. In all aspects: our music developed, our stage appearance developed and we managed to play great concerts. And we won’t rest in the future as well, we are eager to conquer the world with our music!

3. In this new album, “In Deep Waters”, we can notice greater musicianship and evolution, specially in the compositions of the stringed instruments. How did the writing and recording process of the album occur?

The writing process was the same as in “Schuld” – I wrote scores, send them around, we rehearsed them together and my bandmates sometimes suggested improvements we built in. The development is both a result of more composition practice as also from our line up situation – when you have suddenly two violins, you can take advantage of that fact in the compositions!

4. On the first album your lyrics were all in German, your mother language. In this second record, there are lyrics in German, English and French. Is this an attempt to internationalize your project?

On one hand, we sometimes got the wish from reviewers and fans from other countries to include non-German lyrics, so they can understand better what our songs are about. So we decided to text the more global themes in English. Regarding the more personal ones, I stayed with my native tongue, German, as this felt more natural. French and also some words of Italian came in, because I wanted to include the mother tongues of all band members.

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5. One of the songs caught my greater attention: “Lampedusa”. In it, you say things like: “I’m German, always busy, we know how to work”, “Why should I help those strangers, they will steal my work” or “Do not touch my land, go away, go away!” Can you talk a bit about this specific song and its message?

The song is a portrait of a selfish German guy, who doesn’t care about others and only sees his own well-being. In contrast to it, the verses describe the fate of refugees who cross the Mediterranean Sea – father and son survive, the mother dies. In the middle part, our selfish German shows a moment of empathy and thinks what he would do if he were the father – but in the end, he pushes all these thoughts away and insists on his original position. It’s a song to lead people with similar thoughts to reflection.

6. How do you see these LEGIDA and PEGIDA movements (movements in Dresden and Leipzig against Islamic people and against the refugees) that were created in eastern Germany and all these manifestations that take place weekly?

I am sad because I see a lot of hate. There is an old saying: Divide and conquer. I see current society as a victim of it. Global players play a bloody game of conflicts to grow their wealth. And now they point on the victims of these conflicts, the refugees. In addition, they point at the muslims as scapegoats. Even worse, those mighty people helped to grow the extremist groups (which are just a little minority in contrast to all the peaceful muslims in the world!). People now fight each other instead of questioning the people who are really responsible for all the mess. In my point of view, we have to listen to the worries of the demonstrators and offer them valid solutions. We don’t help anyone if we laugh about them and ignore their problems. Their real worries are not about having a neighbor with slightly darker skin, they fear of existential needs like no employment, poverty, bad perspectives. And we need a good plan to integrate the immigrants so they understand how life works here and find a place in our society.

If people are satisfied, there is no need for all this hate.

7. Recently you have been touring in Europe with Orphaned Land. How did it go? Do you have any funny stories that you can share with us? 

We had a great time! It was amazing to see how warm people all over Europe welcomed us and our music. In addition, we really enjoyed the shows and the guys from Orphaned Land are really awesome.

8. Some of you are also members in the Haggard band. Is it difficult to reconcile these two bands?

Actually, it works quite well, until now we didn’t have trouble with concerts at the same date. The experience of the projects even help for the performance of the other one, so it’s a good mixture.

9. And what do you expect in the future, as a band, for 2016 and beyond?

Concerts, concerts and concerts. We are currently looking for good opportunities to present our music live. As many saw our acoustic versions, it’s time for the regular set now with our metal guys! In the far future, there will be another album of course and we’ll do our best to conquer the world with our music. But currently our thoughts are mainly busy with organizing concerts. We love the stages of this world and to connect to all the people, no matter, where they live!

Thanks a lot for opening up to The Black Planet zine!

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