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Interview: NECROS CHRISTOS – Impure triumph

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Interview: NECROS CHRISTOS – Impure triumph

German obscure Death Metal masters NECROS CHRISTOS have been carving a distinctive mark in underground heavy music since their beginning. Fifteen years of desecration have passed and they keep faithful to their own thought, on the verge of a second show in Portuguese soil, scheduled for next 4th March in Side B Benavente. Take a sip of their blood through the following words of frontman mors dalos ra. No editing. No cuts.

TBP: Since its early days, NECROS CHRISTOS has been marked as a preacher of damnation and occultism. In all your works, titles and lyrics you travel along dark paths, based in some Myths and lessons very well present in Eastern and Oriental Mysticism. How did you get there? Is that influence so strong that reflects in your everyday lives as individuals?

NC: I`m a man of faith and therefore my belief is always present in every day life, that`s true. Well, I`m not sure if anyone gets “there” when speaking about the boundless realm of mysticism and the occult, it is more like a call you hear inside to dive deeply into the ocean of the great beyond. And like the Zohar teaches us: “Beyond, there is no question.” What does that mean? That the source of our all being lies deeply hidden (hence the term “occult”), that questions cannot be asked anymore about the true existence of the all-illumining light of Ain Soph eternal.

Being both as a band and, I suppose, as individuals so strongly connected to the Occult and dark Esoteric themes how do you see the importance of live appearances? I mean, speaking and writing about occult subjects requires a certain dose of non-physical transcendence which somehow could be seen as the opposite of a physical representation on stage.

That might be true, yes, but what do we celebrate on stage? Tones. Abysmal notes. Music. And what is music? Can you see it…touch it? Music belongs to that non physical realm you mentioned and was and will always be strongly connected with the innermost spirituality of our all souls and minds.

That’s also why the Instrumental odes between the songs in more recent works function as the ritual introduction to your doctrine preaching? How do you compose them and in which way do they help to create that mass cult on stage?

I never would follow any doctrine and I do never preach. If people ask me about my belief, I`m more than willing to shed some light upon the mystical ways of mine and the grand NECROS CHRISTOS though. But yes, all of the temples and gates do function as bridges to the main songs and are a strong trademark of ours from the first demo on.

Even if some of your Eps have the length of many so called full albums, one of the things that may strike us the most in your career is the high number of demos and “faster” works in comparison to long length efforts. Do you feel that the intensity of the music you produce sometimes may not be compatible with a full length record? Or is it just a pure option from the band, thus producing new work almost every year?

Sorry, but I do not get you here. In our first years of career, we did a number of rehearsals, yes, and we released three demos more than ten years ago. I always was fond of releasing demos before an album (like in the old days), but maybe times changed and bands going directly for a full lenght nowadays. But since we released our first album, we carefully chose and got damn picky about what is going to be out and what not. So NEVER did we released (except those demos TEN years ago) anything every year, nor can you really imagine albums like TIR or Doom Of The Occult coming out every twelve months? Honestly, a full length is the highest form of art I can think of and that`s why it takes us always many years `til we come up with another one…which might be the one and only reason.

But even so, there’s a blank in your résumé. A gap in recordings between “Triune Impurity Rites” (2007) and “Doom of the Occult” (2011). Was everything good with you and the band back then? Was this gap a result of some deeper reflection among  Necros Christos?

Well, as said above, I always reflect our musical outputs very critically. The reason for this “gap” as you may call it (we played live many times in this period though) is simply because we needed all those years to compose, rehearse and record this record.

Being a Death metal band with strong musical relation to lower tempo sounds you still grab a very relevant attention from the Black Metal followers. Namely because of your dark lyrics you may very well be appointed as one of the most obscure and frightening bands in the last decade. Have you ever been asked by those disciples to put some more speed in your music? Have you ever thought in playing faster sometimes or is it out of Necros Christos doctrine?

No doctrines, as said. We are what we are, but if anyone wants to hear some faster tunes, there`re enough bands existing on this planet to fulfill every kind of demand, haha.

Ever since Morbid Angel’s debut that Occult and Macabre themes have been present in Death Metal. In the current years we’ve seen a boost in the number of bands associated with that kind of lyrical themes. Mainly Black Metal bands. It’s not just about Anti-Christianity or Satanism anymore. The concept seems to go deeper. More complex. With 15 years of dealing with those black arts how does Necros Christos stand for this? Are you above this movement (if there’s even a unified one) or do you drink that same blood?

Regarding the connection between Death Metal and the occult, we can go way more years back in time than to Morbid Angel`s debut only, although Abominations Of Desolation is a fucking classic, no matter what! And no, I think no other band is sipping from the same chalice as we do, although I would never exalt myself/us. We ever had a deep and complex concept on every record (even on the demos), especially Doto was very obscure and on Nine Graves, the true meaning lies deeply buried behind all of its symbolism and lyrics.

You’re returning to Portugal five years after your first show here. What have you been up to since then? What can your fans expect from this upcoming celebration?

We have becoming a better force if you ask me, the new line up is seriously amazing. My other guitarist The Reverend was always very important for the overall heaviness of sound, his playing is sheer incredible and our new members Ivan Hernandez and Pete Habura are finally the definite culmination of what NC should ever have sounded like.

So thank you for your time and words. Do you want to leave any  final remark for our readers? About plans for the future maybe?

See ya hopefully all at our upcoming shows, just a few to be held this year until we will have a break from live activities to concentrate on our last full length album entitled Domedon Doxomedon.

Photos courtesy of Carina Damm, svartseidr photography.



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