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Interview: PARANOID

Elsa Marques 09/02/2017 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: PARANOID
Interview: PARANOID

PARANOID are (from left to right):
João Moura (Guitars) ; Marcelo Ribeiro (Bass) ; Miguel Carretero (Vocals) ; João Tiago Fernandes (Drums)

TBP: Paranoid is a brand new project, could you tell us all about the concept behind the band?

The concept is to be an in your face metal band. Looking to talk about our personal experiences in the world today and about themes that we find more interesting and relevant.
We produce and play music that we like, fusing elements from old school and modern day stuff, but in the end of the day we always try to add something new to our sound. Mixing different styles in the creative process and not trying to fit into any specific sub genre.

TBP: When and how did this project start?

It started during the Summer of 2014 in a friend of ours studio in Sintra where we were jamming through some riffs that our guitarist had written a couple of years from now. We then thought to ourselves that those riffs were pretty damn good and started thinking about working on them for originals.

TBP: Do the members take part in other bands?

Not at this moment. We’re all just focused on this band and the future in it, but we never know what is going to happen next.

TBP: You have recently released your debut EP “The Evidence”. Tell us about it.

“The Evidence” is composed of 4 tracks (1 intro and 3 songs). It is the testimony of the raw energy we were feeling when we started, going straight to the point and serving the purpose of the songs. Trying to capture the most intense performance as band.

TBP: How do you feel about the whole composition of the songs?

With the experience we had together as a band and in the short amount of time we had, we can say we are very pleased with the songs we have created. We accomplished the goals we set for this recording and we are looking to improve and do our best for the new album.

TBP: What about the recording process? How did it go?

The recording process went really well. The bass tracks we recorded really fast and the drum tracks as well. The guitar parts took a little more time, since the guitarist is a perfectionist at writing riffs. The vocal parts had been through some little changes during the process. It took about 2 weekends to record everything and leave it in the hands of our our producer for mixing and mastering.

TBP: How is the people’s feedback about “The Evidence” so far?

The feedback is really good, people are really enjoying listening to the songs and want to hear and get to know more about us.

TBP: What are your plans for the future of Paranoid?

Our plans for the future is to keep playing and kick ass like we always do, and spread the word as much as possible.

TBP: Where can people find you and your music?

Facebook –   https://www.facebook.com/Paranoid.Metal.PT

Youtube – Paranoid TV – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoZ1cy5giTvjmSpQdlLdUYg

Email – paranoid.rock.pt@gmail.com

Interview by Filipe Gomes




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