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INTOLITARIAN prepares new double album

Lucifer 13/11/2015 News Comments Off on INTOLITARIAN prepares new double album
INTOLITARIAN prepares new double album

Have you heard of a band called INTOLITARIAN? If not don’t try to search for it on social media, because virtually it doesn’t exist. In fact, this North American noise project is available only through certain specific channels, and here you can find one of them.

Being a one-man conceptual project, infamous Antichrist Kramer is said to be joined by relevant extreme musicians, that change in every recording period. members of bands such as Deathspell Omega, Incantation, Anal Cunt, and Godless North have been rumoured as session members in previous works.

The band has recently signed for Hells Headbangers Records and is said to release a double CD/LP work with each album featuring a different lineup – during the second half of next year. The name of the effort? “Modernity Resistance, Pt.1 – Cesspool Annihilation and Pt.2 – Societal Holocaust“.

Producing extreme explicit black noise armaggedon, the band self proclaimes to be the founder of a new musical style: BERSERKER BLACKGRIND NOISECORE. The band started back  2011 with “Omnicidal Murderer” EP and then was followed by two albums, 2012’s “Berserker Savagery” and 2014’s “Deathangle Absolution”.

Check-out some available sounds below. But be advised: this is not for fragile minds.




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