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Report: Kampfar + Morte Incandescente + Pestifer @ RCA Club Lisboa

Elsa Marques 24/04/2017 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Kampfar + Morte Incandescente + Pestifer @ RCA Club Lisboa
Report: Kampfar + Morte Incandescente + Pestifer @ RCA Club Lisboa

For the first time ever in Portugal, one of the most underground and underrated black metal bands from Norway, Kampfar, made a triumphant debut in Portugal.

Kampfar gave a great performance showing the audience how black metal should sound. As support bands for this event two bands from Portugal were invited: Pestifer and Morte Incandescente.

Opening a great night of extreme metal, playing for the first time in Lisbon, Pestifer originally from Porto brought with them their first album “Execration Diatribes”. They entertained the crowd that, surprisingly, was with them from started to end. Their  muscled death metal, with very old school riffs, and a pungent sound left no one indifferent. If you don’t know them, you should!

Next on stage was Morte Incandescente, with their raw and primitive black metal, mostly sung in Portuguese, they took back the audience to the primal beginnings of the genre. They presented some songs of their last album “…o Mundo Morreu!”, like “Diz Não à Vida”, “Num Cemitério”, e “Distúrbio Absoluto”. They ended their show with “Black Skull Crushing Metal”. They showed a competent posture playing loud and fast, to a crowd that didn’t seem to know them very well.

Finally Kampfar hit the stage, opening with the performance with “Valgalderkvad”. They delivered a strong and breaking through performance, giving everything they had. The crowd seemed hungry for it and were connected to them from start to end, showing what is, in fact a true black metal concert. The audience seemed to know very well the songs played, like “Gloria Ablaze”, “Ravenheart”, “Troll, Død Og Trolldom”, “Swarm Norvegicus”, and “Tornekratt”.

Kampfar were promoting not only their latest album “Profan”, but also the boxset “Trolldomssanger”, which features their first five releases on tapes format in one box. The gig was a great presentation of a band who has a 20+ year-long career, who managed to maintain their sound pure, strong, raw, and also tremendously effective, grabbing the audience from the beginning of the show until the end. The last moment came with the anthem “Our Hounds, Our Legion”.

A tremendous performance of how black metal should be done, played, and presented on stage. Thanks to Notredame Productions for continuing to bring gifts like this to Portugal. Portugal is definitely a place where tour promoters should start to bet more times. Every single soul at RCA that night, probably thinks the same.

Words by Daniel Lemminkainen and photos by Sandra Nunes

Special Thanks to Notredame Productions

Kampfar RCA Lisboa



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