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Elsa Marques 23/02/2017 Interviews Comments Off on Interview: KILLADELPHIA


KILLADELPHIA are (from left to right):
Luis Teles – bass & vocals
David Pereira – guitar & vocals
Rui Valdez – guitar
Carlos Oliveira – drums

David Pereira from KILLADELPHIA band was kind enough to answer some questions regarding this fresh Portuguese project:

Can you share the band History with the readers? Who is KILLADELPHIA? What drove you to start the band? How do you currently describe yourselves?

Killadelphia is a four piece heavy band that consists of Carlos Oliveira as the drummer, David Pereira on guitar and vocals, Luis Teles as the band’s bass player and also singer and at last, but not least, Rui Valdez as the other guitar player. Although we only released the band recently, it started one year ago in Oporto as me (David) and Rui decided to start writing a couple of things together that ended up being structures for songs and then we realized we should start a band to play those same songs. In order to play them we needed a drummer, so we talked to Carlos and he was excited to start playing again. We got together and after a couple of rehearsals we thought it was the exact time to find a bass player and proper singer and that’s when Luis came up.

Killadelphia is a band that, since the beginning, didn’t had the need to fit in a particular style and I would say that we play what we like to play.

With only one song available for the listeners, you are for sure the youngest band I ever had the chance to interview, so I have to ask:
What expectations to you have at the moment about this project? What is your wildest ambition for the band at this moment? (Festivals you would love to play in ; Artists you would dream to open up for / play with ; Career goal achievements in the future, etc… )

The first and, for us, the most important thing that we expect is for people to like our music, regardless of the bands that we play with or the venues where we show up. We have a lot of fun writing our stuff and we hope people feel the same way that we do, because as the youngest band to have ever been interviewed, our main goal is to keep on playing.

Are all band members full time in the band or you share parallel projects? If in different projects, which ones?

Yes, we are all full time in the band and, at the moment, no one has any parallel projects.

How does the creative process work in the band? How would you define which is the role of each of the band members in this task?

As a guitar driven band, almost all of the songs came from the guitar players (me and Rui), whether individually or together. Carlos’ role, as the “engine” of the band, is to ear those riffs and transform them into something else with the help of Luis, who has a more prominent input on the vocals and their melodies.

How much have you been able to play live? Did you managed to be on the road in Portugal? Can you mention some events were our readers might have been able to see you? And how has been the reception of the audience to your music?

As a really recent band, we are only going to start playing live now, in a couple of dates that we will announced soon. But, so far, the reception to “Letter” has been great. People have been coming up to us to tell us that they enjoyed the song a lot and that they are looking forward to listen to some more stuff. And they will!!

As a recent band how have you been struggling with the increasing “competition” in the heavy music scene in Portugal? Do you think your sonority gives you a chance to have your own niche in the alternative music scene?

Well, we hope so. The only thing we are focusing right now is to give our best in the music we write and the shows that we will play.

You mentioned in previous interviews that your focus for now is playing live. But surely you have plans to release a debut album? Where do you plan to do the album recording, planning to do a independent release or trying to get label behind you for that process?

Actually we are not thinking about it for now because it is something that doesn’t have a deadline and will come up when it has too, sooner or later.

Last but not least: Where can our readers / followers have the chance to see you in the near future? What online platforms they should be following to get the newest informations about you? Do have / plan to have any merchandise available for the possible fans you have been gathering on the road?

The good news is that we will be releasing a new live video (same as “Letter”) in the next couple of weeks so you should follow us on Facebook and Youtube, which are our main platforms where we post all of our information, in order to be informed of the shows and other stuff we will be announcing really, really soon! When it comes to merchandise in particular, it will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Interview by Elsa Marques

KILLADELPHIA media channels:

Facebook / Youtube



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