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Report: KING DUDE @ Music Box

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Report: KING DUDE @ Music Box

When the clock hit the 10.30pm mark, the set time for Music Box to open it’s doors, we could already find a long line, covering with black the infamous “pink street” in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon. Restless souls, expecting for King Dude’s luciferian blessing, anxiously awaiting for this much anticipated evening to start.

With an almost sold-out venue, King Dude came on stage (“Wow there’s a lot of you!” was the expression when he saw how many were there to see him) and, with candles and whisky always by his side, the procession of songs commenced, with a setlist chosen on the spot, inspired by the evening’s mood and audience requests. The Seattle musician revisited his entire discography, from 2010’s “Tonight’s Special Death” to his most recent work, “Fear”. Songs such as “Born in Blood”, “Lord, I’m coming home”, dedicated to a close friend who had passed away on this very day or the much acclaimed “Jesus in the Courtyard” were played during the set and, when some commotion arose on the right-hand side of the stage, TJ Cowgill – King Dude’s actual name – stopped the music and asked for some silence, making sure nothing could distract him, or any of us, during this ritualistic night. “Lucifer’s the Light of the World” was one of the highlights of the evening with a sing-along coming from the audience and “Maria” and “Barbara Anne” were played by request of the voices in the room.

In an evening filled with dark mysticism that delighted every soul in the room, we could hear between songs some requests for menthols and repeated compliments to Lisbon’s beauty, a place King Dude was visiting for the first time ever. He thanked us for making him feel at home and we thanked him for blessing us with his dark luciferian folk.

When the mood so dictated, King Dude said a warm goodbye and left his audience craving and requesting for more. The stage was lit again and the public was presented with an extended encore, where we could hear the melancholic “Watching Over You” and where “Vision in Black” brought the evening to a close, being dedicated to all the beautiful women in the room.

At the end of this magical evening, the audience started to go, leaving behind an almost immediately empty room. Lisbon became darker and expecting King Dude to return soon.

Text & Photos: Joana Martins



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