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Report: Manilla Road + Ironsword + Scum Liquor @ RCA Club

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Report: Manilla Road + Ironsword + Scum Liquor @ RCA Club

An epic night at RCA Club in Lisbon started with great performances of the chaotic punk rockers Scum Liquor, the epicness of the Lusitanian warriors Ironsword and a rare comeback of the more than epic heavy – metal band from the States, Manilla Road, to our country that we wouldn’t like to miss, (yes we said rare!).

SCUM LIQUOR spread chaos to half an audience in the room and they got success with this attack, shooting songs like “Demon Alcohol”, “I Kill Everything I Fuck”, “Empty Bottle Torment” or even “We’re All Gonna Die”, just to quote a few that were really worth to listen and to see how these guys row against the tide of the musical streams, offering us a great performance for about 40 minutes. Kudos for the drummer, fantastic delivery!

Then the following lords to invade the stage were the Lusitanian warriors IRONSWORD, faithful followers of the epic heavy barbaric metal, and best choice to open for their “parents”, Manilla Road. The battle was energetic but intense and the place was already crowded. Tann and his henchmen ransacked well the audience’s spirits, with some crowdsurf and mosh, less dialogues between the songs and more music, the battle was powered by highlight hymns like “Ring Of Fire”, “Fear The Night” or even “Road Warriors” besides other jewels of this epic cavalcade. Ironsword are simply at their best time for the battle, so none but the braves. More kudos for the drummer!

With no need for introductions, the following moments by MANILLA ROAD were special and rare. They invaded the stage with such an impressive performance, totally relaxed as if they were playing for close friends, but what else can we say about this magnificent concert? Such epicness and heavy moments of perfection for a full venue, that was singing out loud every word and enjoying this classic performance that will certainly remain in our memories. Manilla Road simply conquered everyone with their class and professionalism along with some humor. Moments like “Road Of Kings” or “Mystification” besides many others were the highlights of the night that unfortunately we couldn’t see the whole gig at all due to transports schedule back home not matching the concerts schedule. It’s the only negative point.

Words and Photos by: Sandra Nunes/MusicOTherapy

Thanks to Under A Spell Productions and Rock N’Raw Studios, Rudy Sagres and João Moura.



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