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Dave Mustaine from Megadeth reveals future plans and talks ticket prices

Filipe Gomes 30/12/2023 News Comments Off on Dave Mustaine from Megadeth reveals future plans and talks ticket prices
Dave Mustaine from Megadeth reveals future plans and talks ticket prices

Dave Mustaine shows no signs of slowing down. In a recent interview with The SDR Show, the 62-year-old musician outlined an ambitious vision for the future of Megadeth, anticipating the release of several more albums before he concludes his career.

Mustaine envisions a bold plan, anticipating the creation of at least three additional Megadeth albums with a two-year gap between each. This timeline projects him to be in the studio until 2031, marking his 70th year. However, Mustaine sees this as just a milestone, not the end.

Mustaine explained:

“I was talking about that the other day. If it takes two years between an album — let’s just say it does, if I’m able to put them out fast — it’ll probably be three years, but let’s just say it’s two years. And I put an album out. We’ve still got about a year left on this one, at least. So that’ll take us into ’25. We’ve got all kinds of anniversary tours that we are planning right now. Rust In Peace is gonna be 25 years old, I think, or 30 years old next year, and all kinds of shit like that. And then if we get ready to go into the studio, let’s just say it takes a year to do that. That’s ’26. Another two years, that’s ’27, ’28. And then we go back into the studio. Again, we do two more records. I’ll be 70 by the time ’31 comes around now.”

Mustaine’s confidence in his musical journey is not only rooted in his unwavering determination but also his acknowledgment of “all the crazy new developments” in modern medicine, alluding to the controversial “medbeds” technology. While opinions on the specifics may vary, Mustaine’s positive outlook remains steadfast.

Mustained continued:

“Now, do I think I’ll be able to continue making music? Because of the advancement of modern medicine right now — stuff like medbeds, and all of the crazy new developments that they’ve made for people with different chronic illnesses, me with chronic pain and with cancer… It’s in remission. I don’t act like, ‘Oh, poor me.’ ‘Cause it’s not ‘poor me’, man. I won. I fucking won. I beat cancer, and I’m gonna keep fighting to keep it outside the door. Say I do three records, and that’s nine years. It’s gonna be a while from now. I’m realistically thinking, what kind of shape am I gonna be in my 70s? And I’ve gotta tell you, I feel really good right now. I’m still rolling and still training and still doing my cardio and eating well, hardly drinking at all and just taking really good care of myself. So I think, unless something really wrong happens, I see myself living till I’m in my 80s or maybe 90s, if I’m lucky.”

Dave Mustaine provides reasons for the high cost of concert tickets.

The skyrocketing expenses associated with attending concerts are no secret. The tickets come with a hefty price tag, the fees nearly double the ticket cost, and additional expenditures on venue beverages and parking make the experience quite costly. However, according to Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, these ticket prices are a reflection of the substantial touring expenses.

In the same interview with The SDR Show, Mustaine explained that maintaining a staff for a band like Megadeth, along with general travel costs, has unfortunately led to the escalation of ticket prices.

Mustaine stated:

“What happens is — you have each individual, and whether they’re working or not working, they get paid on a per-day basis… So you have whoever is out on the road. For us, it’s a lot of people; we have a light man, a sound man, a monitor man. And then you go on to the deck. We’ve got a bunch of people up there. You’ve got a drum tech, guitar tech, and bass and guitar tech, another monitor guy. And then, there’s people backstage; there’s the drivers, the bus drivers, the truck drivers, the caterers, all that stuff. And then there’s all the hotels, all the money to get the hotel rooms for all these people. And then you got to feed them.”

“So the cost just keeps going up and up and up. And a lot of people look at the ticket price, and they think, ‘Man, I’m not paying 75 bucks to go see these guys.’ And it’s unfair to say that. Even if you had a choice in the matter, it’s kind of what it is nowadays if you want to go see a live band. Because you just can’t get from point A to point B anymore without spending a lot of money.”

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