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MORBID ANGEL calls Scott Fuller and enters studio

Filipe Gomes 11/01/2017 News Comments Off on MORBID ANGEL calls Scott Fuller and enters studio
MORBID ANGEL calls Scott Fuller and enters studio

Death metal legends Morbid Angel’s guitarist Trey Azagthoth has checked in at his Facebook page with the following update on the band’s upcoming ninth studio album. After announcing last year that they have signed with UDR Music for all territories exclusively outside Japan.

“We have all the drums recorded for the new record, performed by Scott Fuller from Annihilated, and will soon start on the guitars, vocals and bass. It has been awesome working with Erik Rutan and Mana Studios. We have a really cool collection of new material. There are also lots of touring plans for this new year so we hope to see you all on the road!!!!”

Concerning the band signing with UDR Music, Steve Tucker commented:

“We are extremely excited to be in this partnership with UDR. We are looking forward to making a great album and destroying the stage at many shows. UDR is a great label that supports the bands that they believe in, and we are proud to be one of those bands! Looking forward to a successful partnership!”

Morbid Angel lineup changes

During 2015 the band suffered a big lineup change, with Trey parting ways with every member (David Vincent, Tim Yeung, Destructhor) while bringing back bassist / vocalist Steve Tucker in the process. Scott Fuller of the brutal death metal Annihilated has been selected to perform drums for the album. Nothing has been announced concerning a possible second guitarist so far.

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