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Motörhead, the soundtrack of my youth – A posthumous homage to Lemmy

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Motörhead, the soundtrack of my youth – A posthumous homage to Lemmy

Our writer Daniel has signed this article, writen in a personal point of view, about the importance of Motörhead in his musical formation, and as a way to pay homage to their iconic leader Lemmy Kilmister that passed away yesterday at the age of 70.

I still remember the first Motorhead album I’ve heard when I started digging metal/rock around the age of 13, “Bastards”. It was the loudest, hardest, and strongest thing I’ve ever heard until then, as most of Motorhead records, with you on the wheel, the rock n’roll prophet, telling us your stories, your visions, your adventures. Suddenly I found myself learning what rock n’roll was all about as you said so many times: born to lose, live to win. The legacy went on, longer than we all expected, luckily for those who were still deaf but happy to be part of this journey through fire, flames, dust and glass that was your music. A lesson in fun a message out loud, with no voices in the sky but with true believers all along. I will sing your songs forever, I will tell everybody that you are the best songwriter of all time, I will remember of going wild every time I’ve seen Motorhead live, in so many different places, like if it was the last chance, loud as fuck for 10 times.

In the awake of your passing, I can’t find words for the meaning of your music that helped me so many times, that elevated me when I was in awe, those same songs that made who I am, where I can so many times look at them like if I was looking into a mirror, and find the guidance I’m looking for, or just praise for happy times. There’s stories of course, lots of them, that I will tell to whom may want to listen to them, episodes that you tell in your songs, adventures with great people, that I at some point lived as well. I will never forget the day I’ve meet you, shaking like a leaf because you were real, tall, the rock n’roll star, and you said “Hi boys”, and we replied with smiles on our faces. Then we started talking about The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and after a while talking about rock n’roll, musical influences and how we end up there, Lemmy said the best thing someone ever said to me: “You have the heart on the right place”. That day I discovered how you were the most down to Earth man, always having the right thing to say, at the right time, like if you had always the finger on the trigger. By the end of the conversation, this little 18 years boy said to his friend: “I want to be like Lemmy. This man is rock n’roll”. I was so happy I could die.

Years went by, but the song still remained the same, the shows were great, the records got better and better, and the moving force that you were defied everything I could imagine a human being could do. The parties, the long nights, the romance, the downfalls, the struggles, the never ending days, most of them had like soundtrack the loudest band in the history of music, the band that most critics in the late 70’s, beginning of the 80’s said it wouldn’t last: Motorhead. It were only 40 years of music that came from the guts, from passion, true to the heart, soul shaped songs that easily overcome the TV and radio trash, for those who born to raise hell and wanted to be part of something unique and honest. The last time I’ve seen you was in France, Hellfest 2015, and it was one of the highlights of my year, the same year that took Phil, and now you’re on your way to make the other side, a much louder place. Today, like so many times I wear my Motorhead vest full of patches, underneath it one of my many Motorhead shirts, and I feel it’s something I could use forever. I refuse to accept that you are gone, to bow to the claws of dead, and to be silent. I will always say that you were one of the best frontmen rock n’roll ever had, I will always use proudly my Motorheadmerch, and I will always listen to your songs until my end. They say gods are not real, and I don’t believe in any of that because I’ve meet one. Gods come from the same womb we’re all born from, but just some of us have acts in life that elevates us to that condition, and then become immortal. You were one of the few, the rock n’roll God, LemmyKilminster. You will never die, and I don’t accept that you are not here anymore, because you’ll always be here: louder, faster, and stronger than anyone else, like your band.

See you on the other side Lemmy, and thank you for everything. (December 24rd 1945 – December 28th 2015)

Words by: Daniel Lemminkäinen




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