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NECROPHOBIC: frontman’s response to allegations

Lucifer 07/09/2013 News Comments Off on NECROPHOBIC: frontman’s response to allegations
NECROPHOBIC: frontman’s response to allegations

After the initial statement from Necrophobic singer Tobias Sidegård alleging innocence about the court process concerning the alleged domestic violence against his wife and children, the Swedish death metal band opted not to comment the developments of the process, stating that:

Due to current allegations regarding Tobias, we want to point out that we cannot comment on an ongoing legal process in Sweden. Necrophobic however does not condone domestic violence. This will be our only statement until legal matters have been resolved.

As for the band’s label, Season of Mist, they should follow the same position.

For the record, Tobias Sidegård was in jail for 18 months on allegations of domestic abuse of his wife and children. However, a couple of days ago Tobias has sent an email with his version of the story, claiming that he’s been innocently accused, is a free man, and will get his final judgment in two weeks.

Tobias Sidegård’s defense was reportedly that he was on amphetamines when hitting his children and that striking them with a bullwhip was him kidding around.




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