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Nokturnal Mortum stream new album “Verity”

Filipe Gomes 11/05/2017 News Comments Off on Nokturnal Mortum stream new album “Verity”
Nokturnal Mortum stream new album “Verity”

Ukrainian folk metal legends Nokturnal Mortum have finally returned with their first new album in eight years, “Істина” (“Verity”), out via Oriana Music.

A follow-up 2009’s highly acclaimed “The Voice of Steel,” “Verity” boasts a seventy-minute runtime over twelve new tracks and can be ordered directly from the band here.

The CD digibook edition for the record includes a 56-page booklet containing art and English/Ukrainian lyrics. A special 555-copy limited box set is also available and includes even more goodies.

Here’s what the band had to say:

“Verity” took a long time and a lot of efforts to be composed and recorded, but this is truly a timeless work of metal art, worthy all expectations, all ups and downs, all the struggles which preceded it. There are no two similar albums in catalog of the band, and “Verity” is no exception. More dark and introspective, than its glorious predecessor from 2009, “Verity” leads the listener deep into the realms of ancient pre-pagan cults, where the one could obtain the simple and grim truths of existence in solitude and straight dialogue with nature and forces that came from far beyond the human world. At the same time the basis for NOKTURNAL MORTUM music here is the one that cemented the whole legacy of the band in one frame: noble Epic Heathen Metal Art with roar of guitars and rumble of drums supported magnificent keyboard and traditional instruments arrangements. These elements create unique and unmistakable sound of the band, always bringing forth the strong and deep feelings.

Another trademark of NOKTURNAL MORTUM is making every song on the record the monument of its own, which is the natural rule of following “no filler” principle and also the band’s very own answer to tendency of countless releases sounding like a same one song.

Our special gratitude goes to Greg Chandler (mixing and mastering at Priory Recording Studios) for incredible sound, Kristian Wåhlin for mesmerizing cover art and our designer Sir Gorgoroth for great layout, our studio engineer Nikita Shkuropat and all guest musicians who helped us: Alafern, Ivan “Burz” Kozakevych (Sectorial), W. Angel, Selvans Haruspex, Nadiya Melnyk, Mikhailo Kuzhba, Victoria Kravets.

About Nokturnal Mortum:

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