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Overhate release video “The Penance and the Lesson”

Filipe Gomes 04/11/2021 News Comments Off on Overhate release video “The Penance and the Lesson”
Overhate release video “The Penance and the Lesson”

Watch Overhate’s video of the song “The penance and the lesson”:

The song is part of the latest record production of the group “New Beginnings are Met”, released on 1st of May 2020 and has received excellent reviews both in Venezuela and in Latin America.

Overhate, one of the main rock-metal groups in Venezuela, specifically of the thrash metal style, will premiere its new video clip, corresponding to the theme The penance and the lesson -The penance and the lesson- and which was released this Friday on the channel of Youtube of the band.

The song is part of the latest record production of the group New beginnings are met, released in 2019 and that has received excellent reviews both in Venezuela and in Latin America and is even distributed worldwide independently.

The music and lyrics for The penance and the lesson were written by Giancarlo Vettor, who is also a singer, guitarist and founder of Overhate. The video was recorded in three countries: Venezuela, Peru and Canada. The direction of the video was made by Samir Acosta, who is also the band’s bassist. The mix was done by Ronald Del Águila, drummer of the group, while it was mastered by renowned engineer Marcos Burgos, responsible for the live sound of numerous international artists.

“The penance and the lesson is a song that tries to represent what luck is for everyone in certain decisive moments, the aggressiveness of the song wants to give the listener a focus of frustration when luck, which serves as our destiny, does not fall in our favor. However, if lessons are learned from these unfavorable situations, certain situations can become very clear, as to how difficult decisions well made can often bring the best results. Keep in mind, if there is no solution, no answer to the question or anything you can imagine, the dice fall for everyone, as penance and lesson define our moments now, ”explained Giancarlo Vettor.

All the members of Overhate participate in the video clip, interpreting the song, in the company of the actors Johallyn Luy, Fernando Rivas and Diego del Águila. The general production was the responsibility of the entire band and it was a challenge to do so since the members are living in three different countries, in addition to the restrictions of the Pandemic in each place, however, thanks to technology, a video was produced. of the best quality.

The single also shows a high musical level. The work of both guitars is quite technical, requiring great dexterity from both guitarists. The rhythmic part is also demanding: the drums take a lot of speed, as well as tempo changes and the bass must do a powerful and precise work of the rhythms. This theme shows that Overhate is also today one of the most virtuous and best prepared groups in the country in its style.

Overhate is a band founded in Caracas that released their first album in 2007, entitled God in a trench. After performing on various Venezuelan stages, their second full-length was not long in coming in 2011 with Relentless is our Strength, which also gave them international recognition by performing at the Guayaquil Rock in Ecuador, in addition to the tour of India in cities like Goa, Hyderabad and New Delhi, being the first Venezuelan rock group to step on the stages of that nation.

Video was directed by Samir Acosta / the song was written by Giancarlo Vettor.



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