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Pavillon Rouge premiere “Dynasteia Klub” video

Filipe Gomes 07/03/2018 News Comments Off on Pavillon Rouge premiere “Dynasteia Klub” video
Pavillon Rouge premiere “Dynasteia Klub” video

Pavillon Rouge ‘s new album “Dynasteïa Klub” is coming out on March 30th via Dooweet.

The French act Pavillon Rouge premiered a new video for “Dynasteïa Klub”. This song is the title track of Pavillon Rouge’s upcoming album.

You can watch “Dynasteïa Klub” video below:

The band was formed in 2008 when the musicians Mervyn and YVH met. They decided to work on an innovative musical project, blending aggressive Black Metal with Hardcore Techno within an ethereal 80’s New Wave atmosphere.

The lyrics in this new album refer to Ancient Greek Philosophy, and deal with themes like Discipline, Joy and Forgiveness.

Pavillon Rouge

“Dynasteïa Klub”
(Dooweet – 2018)

1. L’harmonie et la force
2. Ô Légions, Ô Triomphes
3. Dynasteïa Klub
4. Le rayonnement du temple nouveau
5. In aenigmate
6. Bodhisattva
7. Notre foi brûle encore
8. Dans l’ailleurs absolu
9. Ad augusta

About Pavillon Rouge

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Pavillon Rouge

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