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PIST shared single and details of their new album “Hailz”

Elsa Marques 16/09/2019 News Comments Off on PIST shared single and details of their new album “Hailz”
PIST shared single and details of their new album “Hailz”

Pist will release a new album ‘Hailz’ on the 8th of November through APF Records (Mastiff, Battalions, BongCauldron, Desert Storm).

Lancashire based quartet follow their recent Spring UK tour alongside Orange Goblin with 7 tracks that see them taking a step away from the stoner-doom label they were tagged with. 

Vocalist David Rowlands explains,

“Myself and John (guitarist) had loads of ideas for riffs and basic structures however when we entered the jam room with these ideas and the four of us put our heads together it started growing and growing. I feel this record reflects more of our personal influences from shit like Darkthrone to Elder, Orange Goblin to Uada. Musically I feel it’s a step away from the ‘stoner doom’ label we found ourselves with, something we’ve never considered ourselves to be, in our eyes we’re a heavy metal, rock n roll band who listen to a fair bit of Black Metal and Punk. This is really reflecting in the songs on this record from ferocious black metal kicking your head in to chilled psyched out bits that make you feel like you’re fucking floating or something.”

‘Mind Rotter’ is the 1st single to be shared from the album with avid adding,

‘Lyrically it’s about dealing with my utter contempt of the modern world. Hitting back at the absolute shite we’re fed on a daily basis and not accepting what the media, the government and people in positions of power tell us is the truth”.
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As with their debut EP and previous album, ‘Hailz’ was recorded with Chris Fielding (Conan, Witchsorrow, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard), this time over at Foel studio. Lyrically David felt more prepared to deal with the serious themes heading into this recording session adding,

“I tend to scribble things down either on my note pad or my phone then once we have the music and structure sorted I started crafting these notes in to lyrics. Lyrically the record deals with loss, a very close friend of ours committed suicide as we were writing the record so that has reflected heavily on this record. The name ‘Hailz’ is one of the ways he used to sign off when we’d talk. The lyrics also deal with hatred, personal circumstances, the state of the world around us, horror and disgust and a host of lovely shit like that. 

Only 2 years after starting out Pist had already supported Orange Goblin and Raging Speedhorn, toured with Ten Foot Wizard and Widows and come to the attention of Simon Hall at Bloodstock Open Air Festival who booked them to perform on Bloodstock’s the Sophie Lancaster Stage in August of 2015.

During the six years since their formation Pist has also supported Napalm Death, Church Of Misery, Monolord, OHHMS and Dopethrone and played at Mammothfest, ‘Kinhellfest, Red Sun Festival, Hard Rock Hell and Hammerfest (twice). The band undertook UK tours in 2014 with Diesel King, 2015 with Foetal Juice and BongCauldron & Gurt, and with their label-mates BongCauldron again in 2016. Last year saw a co-headline tour with APF Records label-mates Battalions in the Spring, playing at Desertfest London in May.

‘Hailz’ is a record that will grab the attention of fans of Orange Goblin, Kvelertak, Motörhead, Entombed, Uada and Black Breath making Pist one of the standout bands in the current UK underground heavy scene. ‘Hailz’ is Pist finally finding their sound as David concludes,

“I finally feel like we’ve made a record we can all be proud of.”

Upcoming Pist shows:

9th November 2019 – Album release show – The Bread Shed, Manchester w/ Bast, Video Nasties
19th March 2020 – Hammerfest – Great Yarmouth
20th March 2020 – The Dev – London
21st March 2020 – The Old Salutation Inn – Nottingham
6th June 2020 – Stonebaked Festival – Temple of Boom – Leeds

About PIST:

Dave Rowlands – Vocals
John Nicholson – Guitars
Mike Collins – Bass, & backing vocals
Andy Hunt – Drums
Managing editor: Elsa Marques



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