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Preview: Downfall Of Gaia + Syberia @ Maus Hábitos, Porto

Filipe Gomes 17/04/2024 Previews Comments Off on Preview: Downfall Of Gaia + Syberia @ Maus Hábitos, Porto
Preview: Downfall Of Gaia + Syberia @ Maus Hábitos, Porto

Eleven years after visiting Portugal, as part of the 2013 edition of Amplifest, Downfall of Gaia are returning for a couple of gigs at both Maus Hábitos (Porto) and MusixBox (Lisbon).

Outside the niche of easy categorization but within the crème de la crème of heavy music, Downfall of Gaia finds us there somewhere between sludge and hardcore to make our spine, plasticine… a beautiful choreography of necks where beauty and violence are synonyms reflected in the mirror and in the most recent album Silhouettes of Disgust, which they presented in Porto after their debut at Amplifest 2013 more than a decade ago.

To open, Syberia does not use “their” Catalan nor Spanish to make us hear the instrumental and refined post that gained another chapter in “Statement on Death”.

::  Schedule ::

● 21h30 – Doors open
● 22h00 – Beginning of the show

::  Tickets ::

15.00 € – Buy at

Amplificasom states:

“To actually watch a sludgy and atmospheric groove meet the lust for chaos in the beautiful and theatrical ways of black metal and hardcore is something to witness at least once in life. Downfall of Gaia with their opus Silhouettes of Disgust have been providing the perfect chance to break our necks just by headbanging vigorously in the ecstasy of the blast beat; to reach out in mayhem and bend our spines with the heaviest and most intense breakdowns. Their last record made it all clear: the Hamburg-based outfit have the world on their feet and are willing to crash it. In a nutshell, we shall expect nothing less from their upcoming shows more than 10 years after their Portuguese debut at Amplifest.”



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