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Preview: Heart Sound Festival 2019

Filipe Gomes 02/04/2019 Previews Comments Off on Preview: Heart Sound Festival 2019
Preview: Heart Sound Festival 2019

What nicer thing can happen in the prog music scene than one of the best active prog bands supporting a society doing good in the fight against leukemia?

This is going to happen on April 6, 2019 near Paris/France, when LEPROUS are going to perform a once-in-a-lifetime special gig for Heart Sound festival.

The festival will take place for the 4th time since its foundation, and all profits will be donated to the local association “Ensemble contre les leucémies” which supports the fight against leukemia by creating awareness (even at the festival you will be able to register as a volunteer in the marrow donor file), but also financially helps families who are just going through the fight against the disease with one family member, and much more.

So, Leprous have decided to make this year’s festival edition special. They will play a special shuffle show, putting all their song titles (regarding songs they are able to play live) in a box, letting the audience pull out track by track, playing it right there in the line the songs get pulled from the box. What an awesome idea, driving their fans insane!

Another international guest will participate in the festival: VOLA from Denmark, who have gathered a considerable amount of fans in the last year while touring Europe with their progressive rock/metal/electronica, convincing the audience with passion and extravaganza on stage. Be prepared for some Alien Shivers giving you goose bumps!

Sweden’s HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH will heat up the festival mood with some technical death core. The band will deliver heavy, dark, evil atmospheres. It will be their first gig in France ever, so this one will be special, too.

The line-up will be completed with 4 bands from France that cover many shades of the djent subgenre, such as SMASH HIT COMBO playing rap core / djent, THE DALI THUNDERING CONCEPT with progressive deathcore/ djent, STÖMB (even more djent/ instrumental prog) and PROMETHEAN almost being off-beat with some symphonic death metal.

So, if you can make it on short notice, don’t miss this stunning event and help those in need.

** Tickets **

You can buy tickets here.

Find all information about the event on Facebook:

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Text by: Uta Arnold
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