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PREVIEW: Karmøygeddon 2016

Elsa Marques 29/03/2016 Previews Comments Off on PREVIEW: Karmøygeddon 2016
PREVIEW: Karmøygeddon 2016

Karmøygeddon team organizes several club concerts and two festivals per year: Karmøygeddon (April) and Karmøygeddon Arctic (October)

Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2016 will be held on April 28-30 in Kopervik, Norway. With a pretty luxurious lineup, there is no surprise that organizers already announced that the tickets sales for the festival already surpassed the previous editions. With more than 1500 sold tickets there is still two day tickets and one day tickets (for friday and saturday) available. Some three day ticket might still be found in the social networks, as some people that acquired them before hand are unable to attend.  

To help the festival visitors mobility it was also announced that the festival would provide extra buses from Karmøygeddon/Kopervik to Haugesund every day during the festival time. The tickets will be sold at the festival area and the buses will run till the last show is over.  

Announced also by the festival media was the availabiliy of a festival app available at were you can keep yourself updated on the most recent novelties and events during the festival.

Thursday 28th APRIL
17.00 – Doors open
18.00 – Pictures Of Pain
19.00 – Escapetor
19.50 – Tad Morose
21.10 – Leprous
22.20 – Rotting Christ
23.40 – Susperia

Friday 29th APRIL
12.00 – Doors open
13.00 – Dwelling Souls – Uno Stage
13.50 – Parasite Inc. – Uno stage
14.45 – Night – Uno stage
15.35 – Engel – Gassco stage
16.45 – Bloodbound – Gassco stage
17.55 – Pagans Mind – Gassco stage
18.45 – Orkan – Uno Stage
19.15 – Snowy Shaw – Gassco stage
20.45 – Katatonia – Gassco stage
22.15 – Kamelot (Headliner) – Gassco stage
24.00 – Finntroll – Gassco stage

Saturday 30th APRIL
12.00 – Doors open
12.50 – Heatseekers – Uno stage
13.45 – Year Of The Goat – Uno stage
14.40 – Backstreet Girls – Uno stage
15.40 – Guardians Of Time – Gassco stage
16.00 – Abyssic – Uno stage
16.30 – Sodom – Gassco stage
17.45 – Candlemass – Gassco stage
19.15 – Samael – Gassco stage
20.45 – Einherjer – Gassco stage
21.40 – Thyruz – Uno stage
22.15 – Helloween (Headliner) – Gassco stage
24.05 – Ensiferum – Gassco stage

As stated before, with less than 5 weeks for the festival, the tickets are getting sold out, but you can still acquire some tickets here. (

Currently available ticket prices:
2 Day ticket (29 April + 30 April) – 1 360,00 kr (~136€)
1 day ticket (29April or 30April) – 690,00 kr (~69€)
Festival is for 18+ only

Check more information on how to get to festival, hotel options and other general information regarding the festival at:




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