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Preview: Leyendas del Rock 2017

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Preview: Leyendas del Rock 2017

Leyendas Del Rock will take place at Villena, Spain from August 9th to 12th.

In the second week of August the village of Villena will host the twelfth edition of the Leyendas del Rock festival, which has 70 bands in the billing, spread over 4 days and several stages.

Schedules are available below.

Day #0

Wednesday will host the Welcome Party.

The party starts with Metallica Tribute, followed by a cello show by Judith Mateo and her band. The show will continue featuring female elements on stage with the girls of rock & roll  band Thundermother heating up the hosts for the Spanish national metal thrash band Angelus Apatrida.

Following the passing of DIO frontman Ronnie James Dio, Vinny Appice and Vivian Campbell band members formed Last in Line and brought the voice of Andrew Freeman and their album “Heavy Crown”. Brittish Lion, another band of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris will open for headliner Amon Amarth. The Viking warriors will be bringing their tenth album “Jomsviking”.

The party continues with the Andalusian rock band Medina Azahara and to close the night in great joy and fun Saurom with its «jugular metal».

Day #1

On Thursday the headliner will be the German epic power metal band Blind Guardian, singing about Tolkien, fantastic myths and such. The legendary band Raven, who are celebrating over 40 years of existence, will be onstage playing their Brittish Heavy /Speed ​​Metal. Also, great names like the Swedish Arch Enemy with Alissa White-Gluz on vocals since the release of “War Eternal” in 2014. Maintaining the sonority of melodic death metal Omnium Gatherum, and adding some elements of doom with the Finnish Insomnium. Things start to get darker with the confirmation of Swedish Triptykon and Spanish Noctem. Ultimate darkness will be achieved when Norwegian 1349 make all hell break loose on stage. Amidst the hosts Dutch symphonic power metal Epica will hypnotize everyone with its beautiful frontwoman and singer Simone. The amazing British Steve & Seagulls playing bluegrass versions of well-known hard rock and metal songs will be a good surprise for a lot of people, for sure. And finally, the Scottish pirates Alestorm bring their latest album “No Grave but The Sea” released in May.

Other bands confirmed for this day: Masterplan, Hitten, Sherpa, Ciclon, And Then She Came, RAGE, OBUS, Sherpa, Tigres, Leviatán and La Skala de Richter.

Day #2

On Friday Megadeth led by Dave Mustaine will headline the festival. The legendary band pioneer of the American thrash metal scene plays its unique date in Spain. Joining them, will be the legendary band known by his technique and speed allied to the pure essence of the thrash Overkill. The Cavalera brothers bring a setlist focused on Sepultura’s Roots album released in 1996. The Asturian powermetal bands Warcry and Avalanch will be present. Within the international Power Metal come the Swedish Templars Hammerfall need no introductions to their many classics. The Greeks Firewind led by guitarists Gus G. best known for his work as a guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne will be joined by Primal Fear founded by Ralf Scheepers (former Gamma Ray) and Mat Sinner, while the melodic Amaranthe will bring their diversity to the Leyendas Main stage. The folkloric presence will be in charge of Russians Arkona and the Italians Elvenking.

Other bands who will perform on this day will be: AbortedZenobia, Beethoven R.Serious Black, Tako, Silver Fist, 91 Suite, The Great Southern Pantera Tribute and Taken.

Day #3

The Swedish war machine Sabaton returns to Legends for the third time accompanied by a full production, with its famous tank, pyrotechnics and everything that surrounds his most recent tour “The Last Stand”. Rhapsody will also give a special show to commemorate the 20th anniversary from their first official release, playing their album “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands” in full, as well as other classics of the band. The power metal will also be represented by the Finnish Battle Beast. There is not enough beer during the concert of the Germans Tankard. The Finnish Moonsorrow and the Swedish Månegarm invoke their blackened folklore imagery and roots. Vreid, the band formed by the former Windir bring us the cold and the slickness of Norway, while the Swedish Bloodbath will explode so loud they’ll be capable of waking up to the dead.

Other bands that will be part of this day will be: Diamond Head, EclipseMike TrampNervosa, Saratoga, Lujuria, Valdëmar, Rock D.A.M., Camping Hard Love and Strangers.

Leyendas del Rock will occur on the days 9, 10, 11 and 12 of August 2017 at Polidesportivo Munincipal, Villena, Spain.

Ticket’s prices are 5€ (Welcome Party), 55€ (day) and 100€ (4 day pass), and can be bought:

Ticketmaster: Leyendas ticket | Physical points of sale

Leyendas del rock

Leyendas Del Rock

Leyendas Del Rock

Leyendas del rock

Leyendas acoustic



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