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Preview: Skyforger + Air Raid + Gwydion + Evil Killer + Salduie – October 14th @ RCA Club

Daniel Lemminkainen 16/09/2017 Previews Comments Off on Preview: Skyforger + Air Raid + Gwydion + Evil Killer + Salduie – October 14th @ RCA Club
Preview: Skyforger + Air Raid + Gwydion + Evil Killer + Salduie – October 14th @ RCA Club

Skyforger are one of the original bands belonging to the Pagan Metal movement, and for the first time in Lisboa, they will present their latest album “Senprūsija” (2015). With a conscious mix of black metal, folk elements, and lyrics in Latvian about their traditions, war stories and other Latvian myths, Skyforger is one of those treasures that you don’t come across every day. The band promises to deliver a different show from the usual ones you can witness in the metal scene.

Air Raid, from Sweden, it’s one of those band that fits well in every heavy metal party. They bring with them their last album “Across the Line”, an exercise of heavy / speed metal old school style, ready to break your neck and make you sweat. You don’t want to miss these guys!

Gwydion is the Portuguese act of the day. They will play in their home town showing off their  new formation. You can expect to listen songs from their albums “Veteran” and “Horn Triskelion”, both well known by the Portuguese audience. Raise your horns, and let the Viking in you come out, watching a band that always give a good show.

Evil Killer, from Spain, is another heavy / speed metal band. They bring with them songs from both “Lethal Assault” and their last release “Witchcraft”. A great appetizer for an evening that mixtures bands from pagan metal to more old school under one flag: the heavy metal flag!

The evening opener is also a band from Spain, Salduie. With their folk metal, they present for the first time to Lisboa their last release “Belos”. They promise to surprise the audience with their sound: a mixture of metal with traditional folk elements and ancient tales, sung in Spanish.

This event organisation is a collaboration between Notredame productions and Metals Alliance.

You can get your tickets for 20€ (21€ at the venue door), at CarbonoAmadora, Glam-O-Rama Lisboa, RCA Club Lisboa, or make your reservation by email:, or

Check below what the bands participating on this events can deliver:


Air Raid


Evil Killer


Text by Daniel Lemminkainen
Managing Editor: Elsa Marques



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