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Preview: Turku Saatanalle V

Elsa Marques 02/02/2017 Previews Comments Off on Preview: Turku Saatanalle V
Preview: Turku Saatanalle V

Turku Saatanalle V is once again organised by Metallihelvetti (Metalhell) and will take place at Gong1 venue in Turku (Finland). It can honestly be said that the upcoming weekend (3-4 February) will bring one of the most awaited events from the beginning of 2017 in Turku area.

Profanatica and Ajattara will be the headliners of this event full of solid names in the black metal scene like MorriganAzaghal ,Nécropole, and Archgoat. Highlighting that the festival will bring for the first time to Finland the Icelandic bands Misþyrming and Naðra.

Lineup started to re shape in mid January when Mannveira and FRΩNT were forced to cancel their shows. At that point  Naðra and Malum were announced as their respective replacements.

During the last weeks, the organisers and collaborators have been placed under pressure due to political driven entities, fact that led to the cancellation of Naer Mataron and Sielunvihollinen concerts in the festival. Not to dwell in this sensitive topic, check the official festival and bands webpages for further information on the reasons behind this. As replacement bands the German-Finnish pagan black metal Morrigan and Finnish black metal Azaghal were added to the lineup.

After the previous stated struggles more concerning news came just few days ago with Batushka cancellation, Saturday headliner, due to an unexpected health situation with their guitarist. But local fans can rejoice as a replacement show was already agreed with Batushka.
To replace Saturday headliner in such a short nice was surely not an easy task for the organisers, but they managed to bring Profanatica, that will for the second time in their career bring their primitive black metal to Finland stages.

As this preview is to be published one more edit needs to be executed as the organisers announced few hours ago that yet another lineup change is necessary. Korgonthurus vocalist bronchitis makes it impossible for the band to be at the festival and a super fast reaction from the organisers gets one of the oldest Finnish black metal band Archgoat to replaced them.

 Quoting the organisers in the event Facebook page:
“Do we have the final lineup already?! Only Devil knows.”

Schedules for both days are currently estimated as follows but due to Saturday’s changes this may vary;
Please check event Facebook page for updates!

20:00 Venue doors open
20:30 Azaghal
21:15 IC Rex
22:15 Nécropole
23:15 Morrigan
00:15 Ajattara

19:30 Venue doors open
20:00 Malum
20:45 Archgoat
21:30 Naðra
22:15 True Black Dawn
23:15 Misþyrming
00:15 Profanatica

No age restriction event.
Ticket prices for the two days is 55€ and for one day  35€ ; they can be purchased via the following link:

If you desire more information about the event this is the contact email:

Listed below are the event collaborators that helped Metallihelvetti making this event possible:



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