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Psykup reveal new single “Violent Brazilian Massage”

Filipe Gomes 26/01/2017 News Comments Off on Psykup reveal new single “Violent Brazilian Massage”
Psykup reveal new single “Violent Brazilian Massage”

Experimental Groove unique act Psykup has revealed a brand new single for the song “Violent Brazilian Massage”.

You can listen to it below.

“Psykup exists since 1995. We went through many storms and beautiful moments. But we never lost the faith, thanks in large part to the strong and powerful of our supporters support. Our latest musical effort dates back to 2008. 9 years of silence. A silence that will soon be shattered, with our new baby, the aptly named “Ctrl + Alt + Fuck”, which will be released next spring. We have treated him, composed and made with heart, guts, and a good dose of bullshit. The first excerpt from this trip: “Violent Brazilian Massage”. Come you palpateroll with relish, and spread the good word of ostriches around you,to help us conquer the world! Thank you all.”

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