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Report: ANGSTBREAKER + TRIGGER @ Underworld, Bucarest

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Report: ANGSTBREAKER + TRIGGER @ Underworld, Bucarest


When Hipocrisy is playing in town maybe the best thing to do is to attend their show. But, at the same time, that’s when the real underground rises. And that’s why we have descended to one of Bucarest’s most infamous underground clubs: the Underworld.

On Saturday 21th September German punk Hardcore group ANGSTBREAKER was headlining the night, but, more than 1h30 after the announced schedule, it was up to them to open the night’s live noise. Four musicians and two singers on a small stage like Underworld’s had to create the conditions for the vocalists to perform everywhere among the audience, always in high rotation, that left no other choice but to end the concert after no more than 35 minutes. It sure must be hard to keep that pace for more time than that.






And then, TRIGGER, the announced support band, came to impress us with a schizophrenic grindcore, with nervous voice execution and fast drums. They sound much heavier live than on studio works, and so, besides the powerviolence that we were expecting, the grind paced themes made our head bang for almost 40 minutes. But there was also time for some  slow doom parts. And in one of them the vocals started shouting without microphone and when he got back to it he seemed to forget how loud he was shouting, and the first scream with micro almost blew the room apart. What a powerful voice from that guy!

Very good first impression from these German grindcore guys, (inclusively with a YACØPSÆ song) that left us with no remorse about the night’s big event.



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