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Report: Battle Beast + Majesty + Gyze + Fantasy Opus

Daniel Lemminkainen 16/03/2017 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Battle Beast + Majesty + Gyze + Fantasy Opus
Report: Battle Beast + Majesty + Gyze + Fantasy Opus

Battle Beast together with  Majesty, Gyze and Fantasy Opus were on stage on March  12th, 2017 at the RCA Club Lisboa venue.

These four heavy metal bands played on a Sunday evening, closing that weekend. Two of these band played for the first time in Portugal, the Finnish Battle Beast and the Japanese Gyze. This evening they had the company of the German Majesty and the Portuguese Fantasy Opus.

Starting the evening in a timid way, and with plenty of room available on the venue, Fantasy Opus showed their heavy / power metal music. The vocalist kept trying to interact with the crowd, that after a while started to get into the band’s feeling and towards the end of the concert seemingly enjoyed the act.

Following on stage was the the Japanese band Gyze that raised some eyebrows with their Children of Bodom / Norther influenced melodic death metal. With limited time to play, they made the best out of it, presenting two new songs, “Perryi Rain Dragon” and “The Bloodthirsty Prince”, from their upcoming album “Northern Hell Song”. They conquered the crowd after the first song “Black Bride”, and ended the short but great gig with “Desire”. A band that definitely deserves more recognition. Judging by the good response of the audience and the smiles after the gig, hopefully some of present audience will more carefully listen to their previous and new records.

The night was going on pretty well, and the crowd finally started to gather around the stage to see Majesty. They play a  heavy / power metal with a pinch of Manowar here and there. They brought with them the new album “Rebels”, and songs like “Die Like Kings”, “Hail to Majesty”, the funny and easy going “Yolo Hm” (which finally got the crowd interested in them), “Metal Law”, and “Thunder Rider” were the highlights of their performance.  This band mostly unknown to everyone, showed a great presence on stage, positive attitude, and a great will to entertain the audience. And they did exactly that.

After three nice opening acts, came the beast of the night, Battle Beast, with their unique style that fuses classic heavy metal with brilliantly played 80’s melodic synth lines. Commanded by the voice of Noora Louhimo, they showed for the first time in Portugal why they are a gaining strength in the heavy scene. They brought with them their fourth album “Bringer of Pain”.

The crowd was always with them from start to end, screaming a lot, headbanging to their songs, and clearly enjoying a gig that had great moments like “Straight to the Heart”, “Bringer of Pain”, “Familiar Hell”, “Into the Heart of Danger”. One of their best even written songs “Lost in Wars” was visually complement with Noora holding a dragon torch. They also played “Bastard Son of Odin” and their classic song “Enter the Metal World”. For the encore, they saved “King for a Day”, and one of their best new songs “Beyond the Burning Skies”.

This was a great heavy metal night that only a few had the chance to witness. Being some bands first time in Portugal, it was noticeable that the bands gave all they could making it a unique event.

Special thanks Paulo Marinho for the great pictures, and to Notredame Productions for bringing great bands to Portugal! Keep up the good work.




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