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Report: BEHEMOTH + SECRETS OF THE MOON + MGŁA @ Paradise Garage

Filipe Gomes 10/11/2016 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: BEHEMOTH + SECRETS OF THE MOON + MGŁA @ Paradise Garage
Report: BEHEMOTH + SECRETS OF THE MOON + MGŁA @ Paradise Garage

After the huge successful show in 2014, Behemoth return for another concert as tour headliners. In the bag comes the critically acclaimed “The Satanist” album. Along came their compatriots MGŁA and the German band Secrets of the Moon, thereby filling the room at Paradise Garage.

MGŁA – From the underground comes this formidable and fearful force, serving as a starting point for a night that would become memorable. Paradise Garage was already very well composed, when these Polish negativists started playing, but it kept getting more packed as time passed by. With “Further Down The Nest I” they brought the existential doubt and with “Exercices in Futility I”, “II” and “VI”,  the band recalled the crowd that “there is despair underneath each and every action” and that “destiny is irrevocable”. As any positive resistance was broken, despair settles in and “With Hearts Toward None I and VII” exposes the emptiness within us, alone, only with the inevitable despair of fear. This band has an amazing presence, even though they have their faces covered. A fantastic first performance in Portugal by this great Polish band. Hope to see them return soon.

SECRETS OF THE MOON – The German progressive black metal band presents itself with “Hole”, one of the tracks from their latest album “Sun” which together with “Dirty Black”, “Man Behind the Sun” and “Here lies the Sun” remind us that “we’re beyond the reach of god”. The band maintained the atmosphere in the room, as the audience, despairing, enjoyed that “darkness at the end of the tunnel” and received very well the slower songs played presented by sG & friends. The concert was ended with the song “Lucifer Speaks”, one of the band’s biggest hits. A feeling of lack of communication between the audience and the band was left in the air.

BEHEMOTH – With the stage appropriately decorated showcasing microphone stands with the symbols of the band, frontman Nergal made his theatrical entrée with his back turned to the public while holding two burning torches. The scream of rebellion is unleashed with “Blow your trumpets Gabriel” daring the audience, who responded with enthusiasm, releasing their anger, breaking the chains of restriction and joining the rebellion, while playing their tenth and latest album “The Satanist” in full. In “Messe Noire” Nergal came out with a thurible censer, a tool used by priests to spread incense smoke during worship services, filling the room with that sweet aroma. Some of other very popular songs like “O Father O Satan O Sun”,“Ov Fire and the Void”, “Conquer All”, “Pure Evil and Hate” and even the insanely fast “Slaves Shall Serve” also were part of the concert’s setlist.
During “At the Left Hand of God” Nergal surprises the audience and presents them with some Sacramental bread, also known as host, with their own symbol on it, an act of blasphemy against the Institution of Lies, serving them to the first rows. The public reacted to the “mass” with encouraging shouts to the band and even a moshpit. Nevertheless, it was during “Chant for Eschaton 2000” the traditional farewell song, that the audience gave back all the energy they still had left in the name of the band. Behemoth never disappoint and this was a concert that left nobody unsatisfied, for sure.

Concert organized by Prime Artists.



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