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Lucifer 24/02/2015 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA @ RCA

2015 has just started and so many highlights of the year are already likely to be chosen.  Undoubtedly one of them happened last Saturday at RCA Club, with BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA presenting exclusively their new album “Mortuário”.  The sold out expectations were no lie and there was not that much free space to move, making this the concert with higher attendance we’ve seen at RCA.

LA CHANSON NOIRE was the invited performer. Some had whish for heftier invitations but with the power the main act has on stage nothing better than to start with a calmer moment. And calm was how La Chanson Noire went on stage, facing the audience behind his keyboard, and suddenly grabbing the attentions with Bauhaus’s “Hollow Hills” for a start. Moving from Portuguese to English lyrics at ease, a sad thought  of restlessness was spread and welcomed by the hunger public. The performance ended with the most known theme “Bordel de Lucifer”.

Half an hour later and the erotic and dark lyrics listened before were put in a toxic cauldron, mixed by the infamous quartet that forms BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA’s Machine. Before an audience conquered since the beginning, the locomotive did a direct entrance on stage, straight to “Na Febre de Ícaro”, the powerful opening of their new album “Mortuário”. With a clever set list, there was no time to internalize the new album, once some classics were suddenly played at full speed, such as “Gatos do Asfalto” or “Desgraçado de Bordo”. There was no spare space close to the stage as the mass continued, like forcing the audience to commune the new tracks “Foges-me em Chamas” and “Segredos Ferrugentos”, moments where the machine slowed the pace, allowing its passengers to recover some breath. Those more evident approaches to a gothic side were soon forgotten when some respected anthems lightened again the fire in the audience, notably in “Egodescentralizado”, with Rui Sidónio tasting the sweat of the public, before sharing it with invited Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell) in “Anjo Exilado”.  If “Cavalo Alado” seemed to have deaserved the most powerful bass ever, “Na Fúria de um Verme” made Alpha cut his keyboard chains, moving across a stage were a rotten Prodigy feeling was spread, contaminating who wasn’t yet intoxicated.

“Sudário de Escamas” had been previously revealed the week before, but not with the bible reading alongside the deep church organ, that made us fell into a dark hole, which depth was increased by the brutal “Procissão dos Édipos”, that massacred us already in a non scheduled encore. Two songs that could easily be used by a totalitarian regime given the submissive headbanging that they have caused. But eventually the Machine has slowly set us free from that punishment, ending with “Mortuário” the title track of their new effort.

The final image of Sidónio pulling a female crowd surfer to the edge of the stage was the precise summary of that night: 1:30 h of perfect communion between the band and the audience, with a precise set list, presenting live half of the band’s latest full length. Go ahead and buy it. But be prepared, because it won’t be an ordinary travel.



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