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Report: BLACK STAR RIDERS @ Paradise Garage

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Report: BLACK STAR RIDERS @ Paradise Garage

They were listed as one of 10 bands that rose from the ashes of other bands, scavengers that were destined to live forever on the shade of Phil Lynott’s legacy. But today The boys were definitely back in town, and an old school visit it was.
The switzs Weyers were charged w/ welcoming party. The rock power duo à la Hard Black Keys catalyzed the bohemian attitude to the audience, along w/ the charm spreading to kidnap young Portuguese daughters. Like “go rock daddies, that we will look after your daughters”.

A little bit more than the gigolos on duty, The Weyers managed to stir up the waters. The self-blaming Julia, or the philosophical Heart of All Things, but still unrecognizable, could only be disrupted by the remake of the Doors. The Helvetius really shown potential and made their mark as a really groundbreaking band, that could easily line-up in major alternative rock festivals in years to come.

Unlike their predecessors, 4Bitten were the next to feed the hosts. The Greeks shown lack of charisma, and a «front woman» that really didn’t knew how to reach the audience. Knowing that I could have a lovely face doesn’t mean I will think you have a lovely figure. It would have been nice to see a much more imponent female singer, since the voice didn’t make that much of a difference. Nor the sound. The Bass player wasn’t notice unless for his punk haircut, and urban militia outfit, in a nerd face. The guitarist a metal head banger in running shoes. Only the drummer seemed like a regular guy.
And regular they were. Both in sound and lyrics. Promises of serial killer songs and cheesy riffs are more than enough.

But the Irish men were waited, for long, and they did not last the wait. Even though the audience was short, it was nice to see the boys w/ a bad attitude. In old school style, echoes of the dark, bluesy, almost from the Mississipi negro voice echoed in Rick Warwick whiskey voice. The boys busted out of the Jail of time, with the classic Lizzy’s theme.
But it didn’t end there. The new album, The Killer Instinct, was the reason of visit, and indeed they were here to make that happen. Judas and The Killer Instinct were the new themes that could grasp the audience’s attention, even though that wasn’t what people wanted. People wanted Thin Lizzy.

Scott Gorham was the legend live. From the Lizzy days, the solo guitar duo was the sound that really invited you into their songs. So it stroke me odd to see 3 guitars on stage, randomly supported by their vocalist Ricky Warwick.
Despite of having to live up to the Thin Lizzy heritage, BSR made sure they were here to made All Hell Breaks Loose was the 1st stown to be cast, and The Killer Instinct was the one that followed.
Ricky was the eligible choice to look after Lynott’s legacy. And there’s no surprise there, The voice is strong, and filled with attitude, and confident when interacting with the audience.

Still although stereotypical. Even so remarkable in their own approach.
Be it in the form of the hard 50’s revival theme of a military life in soldier town, or the immigrant songs Kingdom of the Lost and Bloodshot.

BSR are an american band, although their leader is a northern Irishman. Damon and Scott resemble hard core rednecks, and Warwick falls in line. Valley of Stones, the straight-from-the-pub Charlie I Gotta Go and Blues Ain’t So Bad take a reminiscence on the american nature, but still manage to be critical about it « this land is not for free».
Lynott always thought of Thin Lizzy as a guitar band, and BSR could be no less. Impressing was the performance of Damon Johnson the 2nd lead guitar. Confident, and w/ a striking attitude, Johnson really filled the ranks even for Lizzy veteran Brian Downey. His mastery was evidently shown in classic Bob Seger cover – Rosalie, or the Boys are Back in Town, or the traditional Irish folk theme Whiskey in The Jar.

The gig did not end with a challenge to all of us, raise the audience until the next visit. We’ll do our part.

Photos courtesy of Antena 3



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