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Report: CELESTE + MANTAR and more @ Rep. da Música

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Report: CELESTE + MANTAR and more @ Rep. da Música

“Pas pleine, mais surtout pas vide”, República da Música hosted Goodlife HQ’s most daring event: CELESTE headlining tour. The sound was pretty accurate during the whole night where it became clear since very soon that almost everyone was there with one main purpose: to be washed away by the French chaotic anthems.

But before that, the two bonus of this event: first with Nationals DON’T DISTURB MY CIRCLES (DDMC), whose concert we didn’t made since the beginning, even if the last two songs allowed us to confirm that they are not just another hardcore band. No. They seem to be directed to a more balanced sound, where the aggression is still never forgotten.

The list of international guest started with one of the revelations of 2014: Germans MANTAR. The two man sludge outfit delivered a consistent doom show, where some influences where noted, namely Black Cobra or even some clean faster parts approaching Death From Above 1979. But their innovation is not to be forgotten, once the muscled guitar riffs created the space for some more blackened shouts from the vocalist Hanno. Meanwhile, the drummer was tearing some drum plates apart (literally). Since the beginning with “The Berserker’s Paths”, till the last “White Nights” (a demolishing doom execution), Mantar grabbed everyone’s attention in a solid first live presentation.

REVOK came next with a more uncomfortable performance. Uncomfortable, because they practice a sound more distorted and less balanced.  A noisy form of post hardcore, where  random shouts navigate between some more atmospheric sounds provided by the pointed guitars. We must say that it became somewhat difficult to embark on that trip, even if some themes of the latest “Grief is My New Moniker” tried to invite us on board.

Continuing with the French tour, COMITY increased the levels of the noise, delivering a mixed form of post metal, where chaotic hardcore was played along some down-tempo rhythms, and even some Swedish death metal approaches. Constant rhythm changes led the band to an ultimate form of noise that they seem to prefer as a defining label.

So, the ears of the audience were already completely warm-up before CELESTE’s headlining show. It’s been four years since the first time we’ve seen them, and their intensity just got rougher and the stage presentation even darker. Starting with almost two intro’s (“D’errances en Inimitiés” and “Laisser pour Compte comme un Bâtard”), the French quartet demolished everything on its way, benefiting from a sound that, in normal concerts, we should classify was “too loud”. But when it comes to Celeste, it’s better when it gets louder than everything else.  The dichotomy between the grief and the rage that they make you feel, drags you down to a grave where the sun never sets. With the vocalist taking also control of the bass guitar, the punishment ended with the rough “Dans ta Salive, Sur sa Peau”, finishing abruptly the show, and leaving everyone balancing in silence. We would sustain more 10 minutes of pain. Mais pas plus que ça.



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