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Lucifer 20/04/2015 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: CHRIST AGONY + WITCHMASTER + BRUMA OBSCURA @ RCA

If a year ago someone told us that Black Metal nights in central Lisbon would come to stay we would laugh about it. But now, after less than four months, 2015 has proved us differently.

One of the main responsible is Notre Dame Prod. that took two veteran Polish bands to our shore for the first time.

As the opening act, nationals BRUMA OBSCURA came to our eyes for the second time. Again with some line-up changes, but more compact as a whole, their naturalistic Black Metal bored no one during their 30m performance. With “Ode à Mãe Natura” and “O Sentido da Vida” still as the major highlights, the band took to stage once again their mystic and epic black metal, incarnated by its frontman with true conviction. Even if we still think that their epic approach needs a different kind of stage presentation, they are one of the pioneers of this form of BM in our lands.

Polish black/thrash machine WITCHMASTER came next, with the fastest performance of that night. Carrying their recent “Antichristus Ex Utero” on their back, the polish thrashers put a hell of a weight on stage, demolishing it during 40 minutes.  Even if facing a semi-empty room, the band tried to grab the audience in every song, specially the frontman, directly inviting all of us to fight. And when old blastbeating songs as “Masochistic Devil Worship” or “Satanic Metal Attack” are played what else can you do? They were able to warm everyone joining some of the fastest thrash metal to yet some heavy weight BM.

The parade of talented musicians kept on with fellow compatriots CHRIST AGONY, a respected institution within the black/death scene. Counting already 25 years, their maturity is shaped in almost every single chord. Besides the double effort from bassist Reyash (just like when Incantation and Supreme Lord passed by Portugal last year), the rest of the Polish trio invested their best qualities in Lisbon, pulling out a well executed death/black show. And what best entry could they have if not playing “Moonligh” right in the beginning of the set? With Cezar accompanied by Reyash in some vocals, they ended up with a more doomish song, like relieving us from all the pain suffered before. Like redeeming the audience from its sins in that holy Friday. As for us we’re looking back to sin again.



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