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Lucifer 26/01/2014 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: COLHÕES DE FERRO IX

The bastards are almost leaving the primary school! Yes, Colhões de Ferro is moving towards the 10th edition, after the well succeed 9th one. Caldas da Rainha welcomed another successful event, this year (again) more focused on the grind sonorities, with the usual full house.

We went there only for the night concerts, which started with Porto’s crust band ANTIVOID. These northern guys delivered their good paced crust show, incentivizing the audience first mosh pit movements, before their fellow neighbors DEMENTIA 13 hit the stage. This is a band formed by some well known musicians of the Lusitanian metal scene, that focus their work on classic Death metal sound, having already achieved important reconnaissance in our underground. Their first work “Tales for the Carnivorous” made the basis for this well executed death metal concert, where “Feasting on Your Blood” and “Dark Urges” joined a well received Gangrena’s cover of the “Nuclear Blast” track. Fresh air for the Portuguese Death metal movement.

  antivoid1 dementia13 1 dementia13 2    Antivoid                                                            Dementia13                                                           Dementia13

Then, playing home, MATTER presented us with a Black metal / Grindcore approach, where the fast drums work made the best companionship to the black guitar riffs heard from the stage. The schizophrenic vocals did the rest in an uncompromised performance that left space for future positive developments.

As the band of the festival, VIZIR sickos gathered the best attentions to their performance, not only because of their usual bizarre show, but this time increased by some extreme porn movies that were screened on the stage. “Atropelei um Peregrino”, “Erecções no Vaticano” (played 3 times…), “Punhetas na Catequese” or the new “Fui à Missa com a Mão na Piça” showed the home cult that these guys haven’t lost.

matter3 matter 1 vizir2 vizir1                 Matter                                            Matter                                      Vizir                                             Vizir

Headlining the festival, Spanish CUBO DE MIERDA finished the concerts with a powerful dose of Powerviolence /Grind / Crust . Even if the audience wasn’t as big as some of the prior concerts, the speed of their short songs left no room for a final rest.

                                                 cubo2 cubo1

So, another crazy, infamous underground night provided by Colhões de Ferro, that makes us foresee a massive 10th celebration edition.



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