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Report: CORPUS CHRISTII’s “Palemoon” presentation @ RCA

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Report: CORPUS CHRISTII’s “Palemoon” presentation @ RCA

Corpus Christii have a new album and, under the sign of Notre Dame Productions, Lisbon was the start point for the live presentations of “Palemoon”.

But before the highlight of the night, two bands warmed the well filled room of RCA. About INFRA we’ve already wrote a lot over the past last year, but each time we face them live we feel that a lot is still to be written. With the fresh “Initiation on the Ordeals of Lower Vibrations” out through Nuclear War Now!, the Lisbon trio showed with “Communion” that they were there to deliver negativity and transcendent darkness. As the ritual mass went on the necrotic alchemy continued with a rotten but deeply introspective attitude. Fast and tortuous blast beats alongside some down tempo chords surviving in a putrid death metal environment.

Stepping into absolute death metal, we faced NEOPLASMAH for the first time in more than 10 years. Recently regrouped after several years of absence, this Portuguese collective delivered a competent death metal execution. Counting with some very experienced musicians, the perfection and precision of their performance was a must see for every death metal fan. From their latest album we retained “Realm of the Lost Souls” as one of their higher moments.

And CORPUS CHRISTII were next. Almost two hundred people at their “Palemoon” presentation must have made the Portuguese black metal ambassadors truly pride. And that was probably one of the fountains from which they’ve drink some of the Luciferian hatred that was splattered from RCA’s stage in the following hour.

If one was hoping to ear exclusively the new album it must have been a disappointment for you once this was a true Corpus Christii live show, mixing some well-known anthems with five new songs. From the new ones the opening with “Night of the Flaming Hatred” showed a fast entry to the new effort, continued by the complete “The Great Death” or the more epic “Livid Night”. Between the new tracks N.H. crew cleverly placed several respected anthems such as “Crystal Glaze Foundation” or “Evasive Contempt” that seemed to be played less esoterically, keeping company to more direct sound of the new album. We believe the more introspective new songs will appear live soon. In some tracks the drums had even some Von resemblances. With J. Goat taking the lead guitar, Vulturius appeared as the session second guitar, in a concert where the usual dissertator speech from N.H. was replaced by a direct and “in your face” presentation. An attitude maybe influenced by some physical problems felt by the frontman before the show that eventually ended up causing the cancellation of the Porto’s concert the night after.

But to all you European hordes, Be Ready, because the Lusitanian Black Metal machine seemed perfectly fit for the battles ahead of it, starting this month alongside The Stone and Muert. The concert ended with the blaspheme “The Fire God”, fulfilling our egos with negative and demented convictions. “All Hail! (Master Satan)”!



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