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Report: Cradle Of Filth + Moonspell @ Hellraiser, Leipzig

João Osório 10/02/2018 Concerts, Reports Comments Off on Report: Cradle Of Filth + Moonspell @ Hellraiser, Leipzig
Report: Cradle Of Filth + Moonspell @ Hellraiser, Leipzig

In a completely crowded room where tickets were sold out more than two weeks prior, veteran bands Moonspell and Cradle of Filth returned to Leipzig for an amazing and unforgettable night.

Moonspell started at exactly 20:00. After a brief intro, frontman Fernando Ribeiro entered the stage holding a lit lantern while first chords of the song “Em Nome do Medo” were sounding. Moonspell is promoting their latest album “1755”, while currently on tour with Cradle of Filth. After “Em Nome do Medo”, the songs “1755”, “In Tremor Dei” e “Desastre” followed, making this a setlist mostly dedicated to their most recent work.

Then came the first return to the past, with Fernando Ribeiro addressing the audience to announce that the next song was from an album that is going to complete its tenth anniversary this year. Thus, “Night Eternal” was played and sung.  After that came “Ruínas”, another song from their latest album.  Even though the new record is all sung in Portuguese, the reaction from the German crowd regarding the new tracks was extremely positive.

Next, another return to the past followed. The classic “Opium” caused the first real explosion in the audience. After which they came back to 2017 (or should we say “1755”) with the songs “Evento” and “Todos os Santos”. During the latter, Fernando appeared on stage holding a large cross with two red lasers being fired over the audience. The hour-long performance – which led the vocalist to not being much communicative with the public due to lack of time – ended with the classics “Alma Mater” followed by “Full Moon Madness”.

After a 30 minutes break that was used for the usual stage change, Cradle of Filth stepped onto the stage at exactly 21:30. The current tour is named “Cryptoriana World Tour”, but those who were a setlist based on more recent songs, quickly became amazed as they watched a parade of old school songs. The intro “Ave Satani” was followed by “Gilded Cunt” and “Beneath the Howling Stars”. It didn’t take long for the first great manifestation of euphoria among the audience. “Blackest Magick in Practice” followed it. “Heartbreak and Seance” came next, and it was the first song on the setlist actually taken from their most recent work.

Two of their greatest classics, “Bathory Aria” and “Dusk and Her Embrace” were some of the biggest highlights of the whole evening. Sung in a perfect high-pitch like in the good old days, Dani Filth managed to drive the crowd into bliss. Then, came “The Death of Love”, followed by the second song taken from their latest original album, “You Will Know the Lion by His Claw”.

After a short break for Dani Filth, a second intro “Bruise Upon the Silent Moon” introduced the song “The Promise of Fever”. The third and last song taken from the new album was played, “Achingly Beautiful”. To finish up the evening, another strand of classics followed: “Nymphetamine”, “Her Ghost In The Fog” and “Born In a Burial Gown”. After an hour and thirty-three minutes of perfect sound, the concert was over. The band thanked the audience, said their goodbyes and left the stage to the sound of “Blooding The Hounds of Hell” outro, leaving everyone pleased.

Text and photos by: João Osório
Managing editor: Rita Limede



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